7 secrets to anti ageing 

7 Secrets to Anti Ageing 

7 Secrets to Anti Ageing

Sometimes we all need to hear anti-ageing secrets just to keep on the right road in order to help ourselves be more vibrant and looking and feeling younger. It’s like everything – we need reminders on the stuff we need to practice in order that we help ourselves live a happy, longer and healthy life. This blog is about 7 of my own tips that I strive to live by.

The first tip is about coffee addiction. I used to be this person many moons ago and for about 5 years I gave up coffee. I wanted to prove to myself that I could live without it and I did. Fast forward to a holiday in Mexico when sitting having dinner in a restaurant I smelled the wonderful aroma of coffee and that was it! I started to drink coffee again. Nowadays I confine this habit to the morning only 😉 So here are my 7 Secrets to Anti Ageing.

1. Quit the coffee addiction!

Coffee might be your one thing that helps get you through long, tiring days, but when it comes to ageing – coffee isn’t doing you any favours! Reason being, caffeine stimulates your adrenals and puts stress on them. So your adrenal glands are those which sit just above your kidneys and are responsible for releasing adrenaline in response to stress. Every time you drink coffee you are putting your body through this plight. Another thing, do you realise that coffee is a diuretic and actually dehydrates you? Have you wondered why you always need to nip to the loo after having coffee? Now you know why. So between stressing your body out and dehydrating you – this all adds up to ageing your body and your skin!

2. You need to grow up about nutrition

You have heard it countless times I’m sure – you are what you eat. If you want a terrific skin and a terrific body – you need to think about what fuel you put in that is going to do that. So be aware that when it comes to keeping your body healthy as you get older, know that a super high-carb diet isn’t the answer. High-carb diets raise blood sugar and insulin and have been linked to lots of major diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer. If you feel like you are overeating a lot, why not cut down your portion size.

3. Get up and off your bottom!

We all have busy lives and I realise that sitting and watching Netflix can feel so good. Do you know that the British Medical Journal study found sitting less than three hours a day could add a whopping two years to your life!! Yes, just making sure you get off your bum whenever you can, by walking during lunch breaks or do what I am about to do and have a standing desk at work! Thank you to my pal Jacqui for sending me a clip of the one Costco are now selling.

4. Be a positive force

This has to be a favourite of mine….I realise it’s not always easy to stay positive. Look at it this way, if you want to live a longer, healthier life, it’s a known fact that having a good attitude and being optimistic is the way to go. Practise this one thing – if someone asks how ‘Hi, how are you today?’ I want you to try and answer ‘Fantastic, thanks!’ Go on give it a try.

5. Drink more water!

Do you want a younger looking skin? Drinking more water is the easy way to hydrate your skin which is going to replenish the skin, help to maintain its elasticity which is definitely going to delay the wrinkles and fine lines forming!
Our bodies are made up of around 70% water so obviously it makes sense that we need to keep drinking enough to keep the entire body working properly.
Making sure you drink water its going to reduce skin inflammation, improve the colour of your skin and help skin cell renewal.

6. Sunscreen

If you do one thing today that is going to keep your skin from ageing quickly – it’s wear a sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen every day, even in wintertime – isn’t just important for preventing skin cancer – it’s crucial in keeping your skin healthy and young looking. The sun causes 90% of ageing by breaking up collagen giving you deep lines and wrinkles. What about the age spots too? Pigmentation or age spots are a sign of skin damage from UV rays. Think of sunscreen as your best friend and apply every day to your face, neck and visible areas such and arms and hands.

Pro Tip:

Play and Joke around!
We don’t laugh enough but studies have shown that regular giggling can make you live longer. Less stress means less wrinkles and getting your laugh on will definitely boost your mood!

Do you follow our 7 secrets to anti ageing?