7 Skincare tips to live by!

7 Skincare Tips to Live by

7 Skincare Tips to Live by!

There are skincare tips that most of us know and here are seven of my own that I personally live by. Hope there are a couple here that you can add to your own :)

1 Soothe inflammation

Your protective barrier, sometimes called the ‘acid mantle’ has a ph of 5.5 and is there to protect against invasion from bacteria and also there to keep your own natural moisturiser hydrating your skin.

Use skincare products that optimise the skin barrier and contain anti-inflammatory ingredients. This will help reduce chronic inflammation, brought on by UV light and airborne pollution.

Your outer layer of the epidermis is where you have this protective barrier made up of your own natural moisturisers. When choosing skincare products always think about keeping this protective barrier strong. How you do that is by ensuring you use ph-balancing skincare and non-stripping harsh products.

2. Remove your make up

I have said this a million times, the most skincare problems I see are due from leaving makeup on and sleeping with those bad chemicals sensitising your skin. Removing makeup is the gateway to clearer, healthier skin. When makeup is removed thoroughly, double cleanse your skin and then you have a clean skin ready to absorb serums and moisturisers deeply. When this happens, you are allowing the serums, moisturisers and overnight masks to do their job thoroughly and you will wake up to a glowing skin!

An easy tip is to cleanse your skin as soon as you come home instead of waiting just before you go to bed, when you are at your most tired. I like to think of this nighttime ritual as your skin’s me-time.

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3. Use clever exfoliators

Know the term AHAs which means alpha-hydroxy acids and understand that this means ‘water soluble.’ Simply put, AHA’s help to unglue stubborn dead skin cells that lie on the skin’s surface causing lines, wrinkles, dullness and open pores. AHA’s include glycolic acid, lactic and citric acid.

Another term BHA to look out for, stands for beta-hydroxy acid and understand that this means ‘oil soluble.’ Know that there is only one BHA used to dissolve oil and that is salicylic acid. So be on the lookout for this ingredient to unclog pores and normalise the skin’s oil production.

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4. Avoid the sun

Simply put, the sun causes 80% skin ageing. If you want to have lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, skin inflammation or skin cancer – then go outside every day without wearing sunscreen. Or I could say, don’t ever wear sunscreen and look at least 10 years older!! So get into the sunscreen habit every day apply onto the skin that is on show eg. Your face, neck, décolleté and your hands. Try wearing big sunglasses and a hat for extra protection!

5. Use great moisturisers

Time to invest in a great moisturiser which will help your skin barrier by providing lipids, provide hydration and help protect against external chemicals. Your moisturiser should absorb into your skin, plumping up the skin cells making them look soft and smoothing out the skin’s surface. Sometimes it’s good for those of us with dry skin to use a lightweight one first containing hyaluronic acid, then apply the lipid moisturiser on top.

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6. Eat healthily

You are building a healthy skin and body by upping your nutrition.

Think about the pot of soup you are making for your family. You might put in a chicken stock, one carrot, one onion and lots of salt. What is that doing health wise to your family? So what about the pot of soup with lots of carrots, leeks, spring onions, – the more vegetables you put in – the more healthy it becomes to feed the family. Full of goodness and antioxidants, building healthy and strong skin cells and tissue.

Remember your skin’s other job. Apart from protection, is that it acts as an excretory system to get rid of substances that don’t agree with your body. Like many of us, I personally cannot take a lot of dairy. You see dairy is mucus-forming and is difficult for the body to digest, which is why many people are lactose intolerant. So when you eat too much dairy for your body to handle, it may come out in the form of cystic acne on the chin and jawline. The consumption of milk, cheese and yogurt can trigger hormones that actually stimulate the oil production in skin, causing acne flare-ups.

7. Have a good 7-8 hours sleep

I have often said the Beauty sleep is not a myth but a fact. Your skin will love you by allowing it to have enough time to repair, renew and nourish itself. I also like the story of our minds being like a computer that needs to be rebooted every night to process everything we put into them. Seven to eight hours of sleep will allow this to happen :)

Pro Tip:
Get yourself a Fitbit and learn all about sleep, food, fitness and hydration levels. Be your best self!