stop breakouts when you workout

7 Tips to stop breakouts when you workout

Are you getting spots after working out??  So here you are trying to keep fit and healthy by going to the gym, having the personal trainer or loving the new boot camp at your local park and suddenly you just keep getting spots on your face, on your chest, on your neck and wondering what is going on here. Here are my golden rules to stop breakouts when you workout! 

1 Do not wear make up!

Look around the gym, now hands up, who of us wears make up when we are working out??  So what happens when our sweat and oil that we already have on our skin, mixes with the heavy foundations, blushers or even powders?  This mix of sweat, oil and make up causes irritation to your skin’s barrier making it sensitive and causing inflammation and, also to your pores – making pores blocked which in turn leads to blackheads and acne.  

If you want to give yourself a bit of colour, try a tinted moisturiser with SPF. 

2.   Wear the correct workout gear

I know we all want to look good whilst working out but try not to wear tight clothing that causes friction and chafing as this will sensitise your skin and also aggravate the pores causing an acne like flare.  What about the fabrics that don’t breathe and trap the oil, sweat and bacteria on your skin, again causing acne all over your body. 

So be clever and choose the lightweight, moisture wicking, chafe free fabrics that are kind to skin.

3.   Disinfect the gym equipment

This point is strictly for the gym users amongst us….

How many germs and bacteria are on free weights, bike handlebars, treadmill push buttons?  So when you touch them, you know you are transferring the bacteria onto your own skin, right?  Have you ever wiped your forehead or pushed your hair back off your face with sweaty hands and in the next couple of days – a few spots appear – and you are wondering why?

Golden rule…don’t touch your face whilst you are working out or at the gym.

4.  Cleanse your skin thoroughly

Great idea if you have had a few spots or are acne prone, is to cleanse your skin with a cleanser containing salicylic acid. This ingredients is going to dissolve the oil and give your face and neck a thorough clean. If you are prone to getting spots elsewhere like your chest or back, then use the same cleanser on these areas after working out. Good idea when using a cleanser with salicylic acid is to massage it carefully onto your spotty areas and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off.  This is going to get rid of any bacteria on your skin, cleanse the pores deeply, calm down any inflammation and begin to fight any acne you might have at base line. We ❤️ Exfoliating Cleanser 

5.   Put on a SPF

This is a good rule if you are working outside at one of these Park Boot Camps or if you are in a gym and you are working out beside a window.  Wearing SPF isn’t going to cause spots – I know some of you will be wary of this.   But know that UV rays cause inflammation round the pores, aggravating acne.   Also UV rays cause invisible ageing damage to skin not to forget about all of you out there who suffer from pigmentation!

My last point on this is that you are working out to keep fit and healthy which is really great but you don’t want to encourage Skin Cancer which can show up when you are older.

Choose a water based, oil free mineral type sunscreen and even better if it contains an ingredient like Zinc Oxide which actually heals spots.  

6.   Wear UV protection clothing

If you run or golf or exercise outside then choose the labels that are producing UV protection clothing. Don’t forget the hat which you can also buy now with UV protection included. Caps are great to cover your nose area too – where skin cancers can show up easily. 

7.   Beware of supplements that can cause acne

Whey protein and other milk products are taken to build muscle however they are known to cause a spike in insulin which is a hormone that also stimulates the oil production in skin!  

Working out has many fantastic benefits for your health as well as giving you a luminosity to your skin from the increase of blood flow. You will also decrease body inflammation and reduce your stress levels. So keep at it!