Adult Acne – The Causes!

Adult Acne

Adult Acne – the Causes!

Are you hormonal?

Acne at any age is a nightmare but if you suffered as a teen then you are unfortunately a good candidate for the awful onset of Adult Acne. Now the causes of both teenage acne and adult are pretty similar and the main cause is the fluctuation in hormone levels. The male hormones – androgen’s – like testosterone are in charge of the oil production in the skin and just before one’s menstrual cycle, testosterone levels increase causing excess oil to be produced. This usually appears in the form of deep and sometimes painful cystic acne around the chin, jaw, neck and back.

So for us ladies, its good to keep a note in your diary roughly 5 days before your period is due to keep your skin cleansing routine up to its max! Especially if you wear make up and are having a few late nights at this time, be aware that you have to cleanse your skin thoroughly before going to bed and also be stringent if you are a gym bunny to cleanse straight after any exercise.

Are you stressed out?

Another cause of Adult Acne occurs when you are stressed out. To cope with stress your body pushes out the stress hormone cortisol and testosterone unfortunately is leaked out with it. So again the sebaceous glands push out more oil into the skin causing break outs! Therefore you have to have a back up plan to destress when you feel things piling up. Get to know what is going to calm you e.g. listening to music, yoga, a run!

Are you a sweet tooth?

I’m always about ‘You are what you eat’ or I could happily say ‘You are what you eat and what you put on your skin!’ I have to mention the sugar word here as it has now been proven that too much sugar directly affects acne and I can tell you that if you have any acne scars then sugar is absolutely not helping by breaking up your collagen fibres which doesn’t help your scarring at all! You see when you eat sugary foods your body puts out insulin to level out your blood sugar level and insulin can trigger the oil boosting male hormone to become active again! So get out of the sweet tooth habit!

You could be causing the problem with your skincare products!

Finally, what products are you using? If you are using too harsh a product it may dry out your skin more and guess what….this can make skin push out more oil! Are you clogging your skin with moisturiser and make up? Where you are producing acne – do not moisturise as you are simply feeding the spots! Why should you moisturise over oily, acne skin when you are producing enough of your own moisturiser? Apply moisturiser on your dry, normal parts of your face ie. Cheeks and round the eyes. With regard to make up – you have to try and use mineral make-up that won’t clog skin.

I truly hope this info helps you on your road to healthy skin.


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