The sensitive type

Are you the sensitive type?

Are you the sensitive type?

That time of year has crept up on us suddenly with cold winds battering our skin when we are outside and inside the heating is up full blast, drying out our skin big time. Every day I am receiving hundreds of emails with the same question ‘My skin has suddenly become dry and sensitive – what is going on with my skin?’ Well, just as I have said, skin is getting shocked between extremes of temperature, hot and cold, playing havoc with our skin. So let’s look at what is actually happening to your skin.

Dry skin is a very common skin condition caused by a lack of water in the uppermost layer of the skin – the epidermis. Do you have any of the following symptoms:

* Rough or dry patches of skin
* Sensitive skin
* Red Skin
* Flaky Skin
* Tight Skin
* Itchy Skin

Do you know that 1/3 of women suffer from dry, itchy skin?
Dry skin often can provoke an itchy sensation that compels us to scratch the affected area.
Problems happen when you scratch the dry area, you are causing a break down in the skin’s protective barrier which can allow irritants to get in and moisture to get out. This is definitely going to cause further irritation and skin damage!

What causes Dry skin?

Dry skin is often triggered by low humidity in the surrounding air so it’s more common in colder months and drier climates. However, there are other triggers which include:

• Taking long, hot showers or baths
• Hormonal changes
• Over-washing or scrubbing your skin
• Using strong soaps, detergents, sanitizers or alcohol-based cleaning agents

How to manage Dry skin

• Moisturise frequently to lock in moisture and prevent further loss of moisture from the top layer of skin.
• Drink plenty of water
• Use shower gels that are SLS free
• Use Dove Soap that is ph balanced
• Before going into your bath/shower apply baby oil onto dry skin
• Apply moisturiser immediately after a bath or shower to lock moisture into your skin

One last thing I should mention is to eat well to keep your skin in top condition. Remember you are what you eat!! So a good healthy diet for those of us with dry, sensitive skin would include foods which are naturally rich in Omega 3:

Walnuts, Salmon, Tuna, Sardines, Mackerel, Halibut and Safflower Oil.

JL recommends for dry skin
Revitalizing  cleanser
Super moisturiser
Essential moisture
Miracle DNA

So are you the sensitive type?