are you damaging skin?

Are Your damaging your skin?

Are you unconsciously damaging your skin?

Are you sensitizing your face?

If you have high colouring or have noticed an increase in little thread veins. Are you holding your hairdryer too close to your face whilst blow drying? Or are you a frequent sauna user and wondering why your skin has been more sensitive.  What about those of us who are constantly blocked? We have to resort to steaming your face to loosen up your breathing.  Any extreme heat thrown to our faces will cause the capillaries to expand! Those of us with a finer skin, this is just an accident waiting to happen – enabling those little facial veins to break easily. You could be unconsciously damaging your skin! 

Are you ageing your face with light?

One of the future skin epidemics I believe is going to be the effect that mobile devices. Smart phones and tablets have caused this by emitting a blue light known as HEV – high-energy visible light. This is just as dangerous as sun damage!   And you know what I say about the sun, 80 per cent of ageing to the skin is caused by the sun and therefore your can understand my concern about the light being thrown out by the smart phones and tablets.

Are you giving yourself acne?

I realise that it may be irresistible to pick or pop your spots but do you know that you can increase the redness and inflammation by squeezing the pus deeper into the skin.  This bad habit can sometimes cause scarring!  Therefore, please keep you hands off your face and allow the spots to go back down.  

For those of you who go to exercise classes or the gym, remember to shower thoroughly after every session.  Think about the dirt and sweat on your skin that’s maybe trapped by wearing tight exercise gear and you should be aware that this is accelerating the bacteria that stimulates breakouts and acne.

To all the people out there who use hair spray, hair gel, mousse or wax, keep these hair products off your face to prevent them from clogging up your pores.   I see many people with spotty foreheads and usually this is caused by hair products!

Have you got acne? 

The last thing you want to do is put more oil onto your skin.   So think when you are buying skin products and make-up and look for oil free options.   Please do not think heavy oil foundation is good for your skin, although it looks as if it is covering it up.   In the long run, thick make-up is probably going to make your acne worse.  Look out for mineral make-up that is non-comedogenic.

My final words on this are, ensure you a cleansing your skin gently and I mean with light pressure.  Moisturise over all your face and neck however if you have acne do not put moisturiser over the active spotty area.   Do not touch your face with your hands because you are simply putting more bacteria onto your skin.   Always wear a SPF 30 sunscreen on a daily basis and use an antioxidant serum under your moisturiser to prevent further damage.