Autumn Proof Your Skin

autumn skin

How to Autumn Proof Your Skin

Hello all you Autumn lovers! If like me you like being outside this season then please allow me to give you my 3 tips to Autumn Proof Your Skin!

Fall has arrived and the leaves are changing to beautiful colours and your skin is starting to change too.   Your skin retains less moisture because of the cooler, drier air and classic symptoms of autumn skin are dry flaky, dull, sallow and irritated skin.

So listen up for Joanie’s 3 beauty tips on how to keep your gorgeous faces glowing this Fall.

My first question to you all is – is your skin starting to feel drier?  – Mine is and this is a normal skin change during Autumn.

Autumn tip 1 -Drink lots of water!

Remember  you can hydrate your skin from the inside and therefore do yourself a favour and carry drinking water with you at all times. Get into the habit – especially if you are a coffee drinker which is dehydrating. Try and aim for at least two litres a day. Got to be telling you that drinking water is hydrating every part of your body and worth reading a book ‘Your Body’s Many Cries for Water’ – this book shall get you loving water!

My second question is – how many of you have put the central heating on?  I have and this for me is the first sign of autumn in my home and you have to know what is going to happen to your skin when you put the heating on ….

So you are in your lovely warm home in the morning and then you step outside into the cold crisp air then you get into your car, put the heating on during your journey then park the car outside your work and step back into the cold air.  Next you go into your centrally heated office….

Are you getting the drift here??

Skin is getting shocked all the time from hot to cold to hot again! What is a skin to do???

You see your skin’s temperature is controlled by the amount of blood which flows through the capillaries. When you are cold –  blood flow in the capillaries decreases causing them to constrict. When you are hot – the opposite happens – the blood flow increases causing the capillaries to become wider and dilate. Allowing heat to be lost to regulate your body temperature.

Why is this bad for the skin on your face – it’s simply that this causes some capillaries to break  thereby showing up as redness on the cheek, nose and chin areas.   And if you do not protect your skin – then you are causing more broken capillaries, more sensitivity and this is going to age your skin rapidly!

Autumn Tip 2 – Moisturise

Yes I realise that most of you are doing this already but lets go a little bit further – say you put your moisturiser on and 5 minutes later your skin is still feeling dry? Part of this is due to lack of drinking water, part is due to effect central heating is having – drying the air surrounding your skin – that air being drier now lacking moisture – so skin breathes and when the air is dry then skin begins to feel tight – so you need to reapply your moisturiser – or apply a heavier weight moisturiser.

We have a special Essential Moisturiser at JL which gives your skin a protective layer which is just fab for those of you who are outside walking your dogs, the joggers, runners and golfers.

Do you moisturise all over?   Cause your skin is drying up everywhere this time of year. Remember I talked about one of my pet hates is an ingredient used in most hand washes, shower gels and bubble baths – SLS – sodium Lauryl Sulphate. This ingredient is used to make products soap up and so many of you will be unconsciously using it right now.

Apart from soaping up, causing the foam bubbles – this ingredient dries skin out terribly so before you go into the bath or shower (and this one is for my friend Pam here in Scotland and Gordon over in Florida). Apply baby oil to your skin before going into the shower/bath and then use Dove Soap which is ph balanced for skin.  Moisturise immediately after while skin is still damp to seal in water.   Go on try this for yourselves and your skin will be glowing I promise!

My last question is – are you still wearing your sunscreen ?- and this is not a trick question!!!

Tip number 3 – Protection

You must keep applying your sunscreen at this time of year. Just because you cant see much sun or feel it…doesn’t mean you stop applying it.   Those invisible UV rays are still coming through the clouds and hitting your skin – so think of it this way…

You put on your clothes to protect against the weather right???

Well put clothes on your face, neck, chest and if you are really good – your hands. As these all need protection and your skin clothes are the moisturisers, the sunscreens and actually make up foundation too!!


Ok you gorgeous people –

1.  Drink loads of water –

2. Moisturise well