ban the microbeads

Ban The Microbeads

Ban The Microbeads

The beauty industry wanted to sell us all products that ‘slough away the dead skin cells making skin smoother, silkier and younger looking’. But at what expense??! Microbeads which are similar to small plastic balls do not degrade. When you use one of the hundreds of products that contain them – you are not only doing a disservice to your children – but putting the whole of the ecosystem in massive danger.

New Legislation

These microbeads that scrub away your blemishes have now been found to harm aquatic life and their ecosystems after being washed down the drain! US made to decision first to ban these problematic beads and thankfully now UK has followed suit. So microbead beauty products will be banned by the end of 2017.

One of my passions is scuba diving and I have seem the amazing wonders in the sea. Anyone who has swam over life coral and the fabulous marine life – would be devastated to know the effects of these toxic bits of abrasive rubbish. To me, the end of 2017 can’t come quick enough!

Each of our exfoliating products have contained bio-degradable scrubs since Day 1! Our Skin Scrub and  Face and Body Refiner body use natural ingredients to create a deeply cleansing effect without the damage.

This is why you will see JL Formulations is

*Cruelty Free


*Paraben Free

*Vegan Friendly

We will continue to grow and support our planet with our skin care range.