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Gut Health = Skin Health

gut health

Your skin is your largest organ in your body and what you should know is when the gut is healthy, skin is healthy! Furthermore, if your digestive system is healthy then your whole body is healthy. So how do you create a healthy gut?   By choosing good, easily digested, healthy food such as fruits, steamed […]

Menopause Skincare Facts


‘How does the menopause affect your skin is a question?’ – is something I get asked about all the time and here is what you need to know.  The Culprit is ‘less oestrogen’ Your body is producing less oestrogen and this means your skin will start to thin, sag and wrinkle. The other reason for […]

Glycolic Acid in Skincare | The Facts

We love getting our hands on new skincare products which contain the most talked about ingredients but what I love the most is getting my hands on products with ingredients that really, really work. So, today I would like to uncover what is really so beneficial about the most popular ingredient of the moment and that […]

JL Cult Cleanser

cult cleanser

Every now and again you will come across a product, in this case a cleanser, that just knocks your socks off and here we are introducing you to such a product….JL Exfoliating Cleanser.   Why, why you say, is this cleanser becoming a Cult Cleanser and we are here to let you know that this cleanser […]

How to look after your skin Guys

ho to look after your skin

How to look after your skin Guys   I find that men feel like they don’t need to care for their skin the same way women do and I understand that men and women have different needs for their skin. But this doesn’t mean that men should neglect their skin and I would push men […]

Blackheads – The Lowdown


Blackheads – The Lowdown I get asked all the time about blackheads, why do you get them and how to treat them. So here’s what you should know: A comedone is a clogged hair follicle or pore in the skin. In the hair follicle you have an oil gland called the sebaceous gland and this […]

survive the party season!

How your skin is going to survive the Party Season!

How your skin is going to survive the Party Season! Christmas is a few weeks away and already the party has started.    Our skin is going to be tested to its limit during the festive season with the canapés, cocktails, large meals and don’t forget all the stress of Christmas shopping.   So how is your […]

Crows Feet

crows feet blog

Crows Feet Crows feet are the name we give to the fine lines and wrinkles etched around the corner of the eye. It’s no secret that our eyes are one of the first areas to show the signs of ageing. Unlike other wrinkles on other areas of the face, crow’s feet can appear to look […]