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LED Light Therapy | The Lowdown


What is LED light therapy? A terrific treatment that targets everything, from acne breakouts to collagen breakdown, its been availabe for many years as Light Therapy or you may know it as LED (light emitting diode) Therapy. We talk about skincare technology going space age and we mean it literally in the case of LED treatments. Developed […]

Glycolic Acid in Skincare | The Facts

We love getting our hands on new skincare products which contain the most talked about ingredients but what I love the most is getting my hands on products with ingredients that really, really work. So, today I would like to uncover what is really so beneficial about the most popular ingredient of the moment and that […]

Blackheads – The Lowdown


Blackheads – The Lowdown I get asked all the time about blackheads, why do you get them and how to treat them. So here’s what you should know: A comedone is a clogged hair follicle or pore in the skin. In the hair follicle you have an oil gland called the sebaceous gland and this […]

The most asked skincare questions

the most asked skincare questions

What are the most asked skincare questions? Every day I receive emails from men and women wanting to know how to best look after their skin. Questions range from ‘How do I get rid of my blackheads?’ to ‘How do I prevent my skin from ageing?’ Here I hope to help grow your knowledge and […]

What is a spot?

what is a spot

What you need to know about spots, why you get them, how to treat them and how to prevent them in the first place! Having had spots and acne as a teenager, I can really empathise with anyone out there who has spots. I absolutely believe if you know what’s causing your spots, you will […]


stop breakouts when you workout

7 Tips to stop breakouts when you workout Are you getting spots after working out??  So here you are trying to keep fit and healthy by going to the gym, having the personal trainer or loving the new boot camp at your local park and suddenly you just keep getting spots on your face, on […]

Do you have oily skin?

How do you know if you have oily skin?

How do you know if you have oily skin? So, How do you know if you have oily skin? Does your skin have a shiny or greasy look? Do you have large open pores? Does your skin look thick or rough? Can you see blackheads? Do you get spots? If you have answered ‘yes’ to […]