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Handwashing = Hand Eczema

Is the Coronavirus hand washing routine causing you sore, painful hands? I bet now the phrase ‘wash your hands’ has a different meaning to us all.   In the past few weeks since the new coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic has intensified, all over the world we are washing our hands with soap and hot water whilst singing […]

My journey with Breast Cancer

my journey with breast cancer

I’ve recovered! I belong to the ‘Recovered from Breast Cancer’ Team. It is now over 12 years since I went through my journey with breast cancer. Here are some thoughts: How was it discovered? A lump appeared on my right breast in 2006 and at that point I was a very fit and active marathon […]

The most asked skincare questions

the most asked skincare questions

What are the most asked skincare questions? Every day I receive emails from men and women wanting to know how to best look after their skin. Questions range from ‘How do I get rid of my blackheads?’ to ‘How do I prevent my skin from ageing?’ Here I hope to help grow your knowledge and […]

Anti pollution

anti pollution

The latest buzzword – Anti Pollution Fact: the sun is the biggest aggressor when it comes to ageing your skin, but are you aware that the second biggest culprit to age your skin is pollution. Here is why anti pollution is the latest buzzword. What is pollution doing to your skin? Particular matter in pollution […]