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Detox your skin!

How to detox your skin!

How to detox your skin! January is the detox month for most of us and our bodies, however, I want you to think about detoxing the largest organ in the body… Yes, the skin! Why do you need to detox the skin, you may ask, so read on to see why! The skin naturally detoxes […]

Anti-ageing secrets

Anti-Ageing Secrets

Joan’s Anti-Ageing Secrets Do you look in the mirror every day and wish your skin looked younger? Ageing can start changing your skin as early as age 25 just down to your lifestyle and certainly you can’t control certain factors like hormone levels or genetics – but there are plenty of external influences on how […]

Gym N tonic

gym n tonic

Gym N Tonic Gym is a Skin Tonic – Hello, today I am with Jacqui Thomson who is a JL lover and British Triathlon champion. How the Gym is a tonic for your skin! So, can I ask you a very important question today…Do any of you exercise? Well, today we are chatting about the […]

3 secrets…

best skin ever

3 Secrets to Your Best Skin Ever S E X  Yes!  Its true and I’m going to let you in on my 3 secrets to fabulous skin.  I have made it my mission for everyone to be healthy, hydrated and beautiful. I am a Beauty Therapist with over 30 years experience in doing facials and listening […]

look 10 years younger!

look 10 years younger

Look 10 Years Younger! I could write about 100 blogs about this one! So let’s make this first one a good one. To make you remember this I call this my S E X blog!   S Stands for – WEAR AN SPF!!! You must wear a minimum SPF 25 everyday to prevent any environmental […]