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Men’s skincare routine

What makes men’s skin really different from women’s? 1.  Hormones Most of the differences between men and women’s skin can be blamed on different levels of hormones.  Men are ruled by and have a higher amount of the male hormone testosterone which controls sebum (oil) secretion, sweat production, hair growth and a whole host of […]

8 ways to treat melasma?

Melasma, sometimes referred to as the ‘mask of pregnancy,’ is a tan or dark skin discolouration usually seen on the cheeks, nose, upper lip, forehead and chin. What causes melasma? Melasma is caused mainly by sun exposure, genetics, hormone changes and skin irritation.  It can affect anyone, however it’s particularly common in women, especially pregnant […]

The ultimate anti-ageing ingredient

If you like that glass of red wine on a Friday night to kickstart your weekend off, you might have heard about a superhero ingredient found in the skin of grapes: resveratrol.  Studies have proven this potent antioxidant has many health benefits as well as anti-ageing benefits for your skin.  Resveratrol Quick Facts Antioxidant Fights […]

Why toners are a waste of your hard earned cash!

Q. Are toners a waste of money? Yes, they are!  Not only are toners a waste of your hard earned cash but also a waste of your time.  Look, in their day, toners were invented because cleansers used to leave a soapy film on your skin that had to be removed.  Today’s cleansers don’t do […]

Why you need to ditch the micellar water

Five or six years ago, we had never heard of micellar water and now…one is sold every five seconds – Garner Miceller Water.

First, let’s go over what micellar water is. Micellar water is applied on a cotton disc to gently lift up dirt and makeup from the skin. It’s made up of micelles which are tiny balls of oil molecules, suspended in soft water. It looks like water, has the viscosity of water but when you put it on your finger and feel, it has a different texture than water.

What is xanthelasma?

Commonly known as ‘Cholesterol Spots’, Xanthelasma are yellowish, lumpy bumps which usually appear on or around the eyelids. If you notice yellow patches on the inside corners of your eyelids, you might have this. These raised patches are made up of a localised build up of cholesterol deposits that’s under your skin. They aren’t harmful, […]

How to stop hayfever ruining your skin this summer

Now is that season when one in five of us have itchy, watery eyes; are constantly sneezing; have a puffy face; a red nose, along with some breakout spots….yes, it’s hay fever time!! I never suffered from hay fever until I was pregnant with my second child and have always wondered if hormones played a part in […]

Treating hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the term that describes skin that appears darker. These dark marks can appear following inflammation caused by acne, hormonal changes, pregnancy, excessive sun exposure or genetic melasma.