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the ritual of cleansing

The Ritual Of Cleansing

The Ritual Of Cleansing   Look, we all enjoy a shower or a bath …right? It makes your skin feel good and clean and definitely gives you a sense of wellbeing don’t you think? Well a great way to think of cleansing your face and neck should be ‘The Ritual of Cleansing Skin.’ It should […]

why does skin matter?

Why does skin matter?

Why does my skin feel particularly dry at this time of year? Centrally heated home and office that dries the moisture in the air causes skin to heat up, become dry and sensitive. Get some fresh air into your environment and drink lots of water. If you look into a magnifying mirror and see lots […]

switch on the light, switch on your skin!

Switch on the light, switch on your skin! The issue for us aestheticians is being able to affect the Dermis which is the middle layer of the skin where the collagen fibers reside. Fortunately we have the answer in a fantastic beauty LED system ‘DermaLite’ which delivers red light therapy to this hard to get […]