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The Skin Guru’s Skincare Routine

skin guru skincare routine

Inside: The Skin Guru reveals her Skincare Routine You know, like all skincare aestheticians around the world, every client I see expects me to have picture-perfect skin and most of the time I do – but not without putting the work into my skincare routine. Some skincare aestheticians might be naturally blessed with fine pored, […]

What is eczema?

eczema blog

What is Eczema? Atopic eczema is sometimes called ‘atopic dermatitis and if the most common form of eczema which mainly affects children.   Eczema is a condition that causes the skin to become dry, itchy, red, cracked and inflamed.  It is a chronic (long term) condition, although it can improve over time especially in children.   The […]

A good skincare routine

Why should you have a good skincare routine

Why should you have a good skincare routine? There are a number of answers to this question and the main one for me is … to have healthy skin. You see having the knowledge of what products work together, the order in which you need to use them and how they are going to benefit […]

Guest blog – wotawoman diary

Guest Blog

JL FORMULATIONS NATURAL SPA SKIN SCRUB REVIEW Written by Claire on 03/31/18 This is a review of JL Formulations Natural Spa Skin Scrub: First of all who are JL Formulations? JL Formulations was set up by a lady called Joan Robertson who is passionate that her beauty and skin care products should be natural and therefore […]

Anti-ageing secrets

Anti-Ageing Secrets

Joan’s Anti-Ageing Secrets Do you look in the mirror every day and wish your skin looked younger? Ageing can start changing your skin as early as age 25 just down to your lifestyle and certainly you can’t control certain factors like hormone levels or genetics – but there are plenty of external influences on how […]

Gym N tonic

gym n tonic

Gym N Tonic Gym is a Skin Tonic – Hello, today I am with Jacqui Thomson who is a JL lover and British Triathlon champion. How the Gym is a tonic for your skin! So, can I ask you a very important question today…Do any of you exercise? Well, today we are chatting about the […]

Autumn proof your skin

autumn skin

How to Autumn Proof Your Skin Hello all you Autumn lovers! If like me you like being outside this season then please allow me to give you my 3 tips to Autumn Proof Your Skin! Fall has arrived and the leaves are changing to beautiful colours and your skin is starting to change too.   Your […]