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How to treat sebaceous hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

What can you do about sebaceous hyperplasia? Have you had a combination or oily skin for years?  After I turned 40, I suddenly found small bumps with a whitish rim just below my eyes and realised I had the skin problem sebaceous hyperplasia.  What is sebaceous hyperplasia? Sebaceous hyperplasia is the term used for enlarged […]

Blackheads – The Lowdown


Blackheads – The Lowdown I get asked all the time about blackheads, why do you get them and how to treat them. So here’s what you should know: A comedone is a clogged hair follicle or pore in the skin. In the hair follicle you have an oil gland called the sebaceous gland and this […]

The most asked skincare questions

the most asked skincare questions

What are the most asked skincare questions? Every day I receive emails from men and women wanting to know how to best look after their skin. Questions range from ‘How do I get rid of my blackheads?’ to ‘How do I prevent my skin from ageing?’ Here I hope to help grow your knowledge and […]

What is a spot?

what is a spot

What you need to know about spots, why you get them, how to treat them and how to prevent them in the first place! Having had spots and acne as a teenager, I can really empathise with anyone out there who has spots. I absolutely believe if you know what’s causing your spots, you will […]

Do you have oily skin?

How do you know if you have oily skin?

How do you know if you have oily skin? So, How do you know if you have oily skin? Does your skin have a shiny or greasy look? Do you have large open pores? Does your skin look thick or rough? Can you see blackheads? Do you get spots? If you have answered ‘yes’ to […]

What is acne?

What is acne?

What is acne? The simple explanation is : Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. This skin condition usually appears on the face, forehead, chest, upper back and shoulders. It can affect people of all ages but usually appears mostly in teenagers. Fact […]

Adult acne – the causes!

adult acne

Adult Acne – the Causes! Are you hormonal? Acne at any age is a nightmare but if you suffered as a teen then you are unfortunately a good candidate for the awful onset of Adult Acne. Now the causes of both teenage acne and adult are pretty similar and the main cause is the fluctuation […]

Revitalizing cleanser

revitalizing cleanser

Why you should use our JL Revitalizing Cleanser Two words – ‘scrupulously clean’ – does that describe how you like your skin to feel after washing it? And a bad word now – “SOAP”. Did it take you a while to realise that soap is doing bad things to your face?? Are you one of […]