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LED Light Therapy | The Lowdown


What is LED light therapy? A terrific treatment that targets everything, from acne breakouts to collagen breakdown, its been availabe for many years as Light Therapy or you may know it as LED (light emitting diode) Therapy. We talk about skincare technology going space age and we mean it literally in the case of LED treatments. Developed […]

What is Gua Sha?

Now that jade rollers have reached peak social media saturation, there is another facial treatment I believe is even more effective. Let me introduce you to my new beauty find which is a Jade Gua Sha Sculpting tool. This lovely smooth edged pebble-like tool was designed to stimulate circulation while de-puffing, lifting and sculpting the face. […]

The truth about skincare

truth about skincare

Are you ready to hear the truth about skincare? When was the last time you were told about a miracle cream that made all your lines and wrinkles disappear?  What about the last time you were told about a miracle cream that got rid of your acne? When was the last time you were told […]

Face wipes = fake skin care!

Face wipes = Fake skin care!

Face wipes = Fake skin care! I love skin care and I live for good serums packed with antioxidants and peptides. But the skin care products that I am careful to use are ….Make Up Wipes! Oh, I can hear you gasp…are you saying Joan that you use face wipes??? Yes, I do and later […]

Guest blog – wotawoman diary

Guest Blog

JL FORMULATIONS NATURAL SPA SKIN SCRUB REVIEW Written by Claire on 03/31/18 This is a review of JL Formulations Natural Spa Skin Scrub: First of all who are JL Formulations? JL Formulations was set up by a lady called Joan Robertson who is passionate that her beauty and skin care products should be natural and therefore […]

Guest blog – styled by Rebecca

Guest Blog

4 PRODUCTS YOU NEED RIGHT NOW APRIL 2, 2018   As you can imagine through modelling I’m constantly getting my make-up done meaning different products are getting used on me all the time. I always love asking make-up artists for recommendations especially if I love my makeup as they must always be trying out new […]

Anti-ageing secrets

Anti-Ageing Secrets

Joan’s Anti-Ageing Secrets Do you look in the mirror every day and wish your skin looked younger? Ageing can start changing your skin as early as age 25 just down to your lifestyle and certainly you can’t control certain factors like hormone levels or genetics – but there are plenty of external influences on how […]