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Your skin & sunburn

Your Skin & Sunburn

Your Skin & Sunburn Do you know that 35% of us Brits last summer were getting sunburnt? 1 in 3 of us have had painful red burnt skin, some even with blisters and most of us with peeling skin following too much time in the sun without protection, so lets talk about Your Skin & […]

Sunscreen 101


Everything you need to know about Sunscreen Lobster red skin is a difficult look to pull off, but sunburn and UV damage can be easily avoided with a good bit of common sense and a good dollop of sunscreen! The first step in anti-ageing the skin is to apply sunscreen every day. This is my […]

The sunshine vitamin

vitamin d

Why the sunshine vitamin is key Vitamin D became an important supplement in my life in May 2007 when I was diagnosed of having breast cancer. When you are a vegetarian who ran a marathon the year before (2006), the journey of having breast cancer led me to researching what can I do for myself […]

Say goodbye to jet-lag face!

Say Goodbye to Jet-Lag Face!

Say Goodbye to Jet-Lag Face! When it comes to your skin on a plane, lets just say that flying is for the birds. You’re probably wedged into a seat the size of an iPad and trying to sleep sitting up! Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones in first class! If not your skin […]

Summer spring glow

summer skin glow

Summer Skin Glow Looking after your skin should be a priority during the summer months as we want to be outdoors enjoying the big yellow guy in the sky, so how do we do this in a sensible way? Here’s a few of my tips to get you started… 1. Exfoliate This is at the […]

one thing you should do…

If there is one thing you should do...

If there is one thing you should do… It was heartening for me to read a ‘beauty tip’ given by the famous beautiful wife of Robbie Williams, Ayda Field, in last Sunday’s You Magazine. ‘Always wear a sunscreen!’ I jump up in joy when I read great skin quotes that are TRUE and this is why – […]

how do I keep my tan?

How do I keep my tan?

How do I keep my tan?   Cleanse without drying Shower gels, bubbles and soap can have a drying effect on skin especially if they contain Sodium Laurel Sulphate – SLS for short. This bad guy strips your skin of its own protective oil and moisture and has to be avoided at all costs. Check […]