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Survive the party season!

How your skin is going to survive the Party Season!

How your skin is going to survive the Party Season! Christmas is a few weeks away and already the party season has started.    Our skin is going to be tested to its limit during the festive season with the canapés, cocktails, large meals and don’t forget all the stress of Christmas shopping.   So how is […]

The sunshine vitamin

vitamin d

Why the sunshine vitamin is key Vitamin D became an important supplement in my life in May 2007 when I was diagnosed of having breast cancer. When you are a vegetarian who ran a marathon the year before (2006), the journey of having breast cancer led me to researching what can I do for myself […]

we ❤️ natural formulations

Natural Formulations

We ❤️ Natural Formulations I love natural formulations that work to enable skin to become healthy however, I absolutely hate ingredients that cosmetic companies knowingly put into their products that are known skin irritants. These billion dollar companies have already been told about dangerous preservatives known as parabens and the latest one – toxic microbeads […]

my cure for sensitive skin

Dy Sensitive Skin

My Cure for Sensitive Skin Sensitive skin is one the hardest skins to treat as usually its caused by several factors that you must change and that is what makes it hard to treat, because we are known to not like change!   So here we go: First thing is how do you know its […]

why does skin matter?

Why does skin matter?

Why does my skin feel particularly dry at this time of year? Centrally heated home and office that dries the moisture in the air causes skin to heat up, become dry and sensitive. Get some fresh air into your environment and drink lots of water. If you look into a magnifying mirror and see lots […]

skin, health & beauty

skin guru

Skin, Health & Beauty with the Skin Guru   Your Best Skin Ever starts here… Winter in the UK means red cheeks, red nose and chin, dry skin, tired and dull looking and dare I say ‘older looking Skin’. Arghh! I could go on with the complaints skin suffers during January however I am here […]

switch on the light, switch on your skin!

Switch on the light, switch on your skin! The issue for us aestheticians is being able to affect the Dermis which is the middle layer of the skin where the collagen fibers reside. Fortunately we have the answer in a fantastic beauty LED system ‘DermaLite’ which delivers red light therapy to this hard to get […]