do facials work?

do facials work

Do Facials Work??

This is a question I get all the time and any woman or man who has regular facials would give you the definite answer ….Yes of course!  So, I’ve decided to give you 10 reasons to have regular facials and I suppose the only stipulation I would say is that you must have a facial by an experienced facialist. How do you check they are qualified? A Beauty Therapist, Aesthetician or Facialist should have studied the skin and all its systems and they should be able to prove they are qualified by a HND (UK) or similar certification in the States and in Europe.

Your Aesthetician should give you a thorough skin consultation prior to treatment as there are different facials for different skin concerns. It’s always good to know that you are seeing the ‘right’ professional so do your checking before he/she is let loose on your skin!  Enquire about the skin care products they are using to make sure they fit with your wishes e.g. Are they natural products?  Do they contain harmful parabens?  Are they tested on animals?  

Think about skin care the way you would think about nutrition and the food that you want to eat. You see skincare should be nutrition for the skin.

Joan’s Top 10 Tips

Ok – hope I haven’t put you off facials now so here’s 10 reasons why they work and what they achieve:


  1. Dead skin cells are sloughed away making skin smoother
  2. Blood flow is stimulated feeding the skin with fresh oxygen
  3. Lymph drainage system is activated to take away toxins and excess fluid under eyes
  4. Pores are cleaned out and refined
  5. Skin is nourished looking and therefore plumped up
  6. You shall feel fabulous after a good facial
  7. Skin looks younger which is always a bonus
  8. After the facial the creams you use at home work better
  9. Pamper time for yourself helps to destress the face
  10. You are giving the skin antioxidants during the facial and this keeps wrinkles at bay!

It’s not just facials, we also do knee peels

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