DRY Sensitive Skin

Do you have Dry Sensitve Skin? Does yous skin have refined pores, can feel tight and dry after cleansing and small dehydration lines appear horizontally across cheek and around eye area. Cleanse am and pm with cotton pads soaked in lukewarm water. Exfoliate once a week. Moisturise freely and drink lots of still water!

Dry Sensitive Skin

Good news is that dry skin is easy to remedy! Does your skin feel tight and dry after cleansing? Your skin has refined pores so that is a good thing however watch out for dehydration lines which appear horizontally across cheeks and under the eye area. First thing is to drink excess water as this will benefit your skin massively. Secondly using an advanced cleanser which contains Glycolic Acid, Lactic or Salicylic Acids, such as JL Looking Younger Exfoliating Cleanser will boost your daily skin replenishment. Allowing products to penetrate deeper and combat the causes of dry Skin. Applying JL Protector SPF 30 on top of your moisturiser to protect your skin from further damage. Check out our Super Moisturiser which contains hyaluronic acid and get to know that this ingredient is a must for your skin!