Face wipes = Fake skin care!

Face wipes = Fake skin care!

I love skin care and I live for good serums packed with antioxidants and peptides. But the one skin care product that I am careful to use are ….Make Up Wipes!

Oh, I can hear you gasp…are you saying Joan that you use face wipes??? Yes, I do and later on I shall tell you what on!

Stubborn Makeup

I’ll agree that face wipes seem to be good at cleansing make up off clothes and wiping away stubborn lipstick or mascara, but they are awful at cleaning your skin! I’ll go one step further and tell you that Make Up wipes are FAKE skin care and what I mean by that is…everything you put on your face should CARE for your skin, right?!

However, use quick and convenient face wipes at night and wake up the next morning to a red, irritated skin. I have a good friend who used to use face wipes due to working late at night, she’d come in tired, just exhausted and reached for the face wipes. That was until she realised the cause of her pink, blotchy skin …all down to face wipes! You see along with other she was duped into believing ‘they state make up remover’ right – so they must remove make up. No, they don’t! 

Yes, I understand that make up wipes seem like a great idea at the time but they are not, they are terrible for skin! If you want healthy skin then please break up with the make up wipes.

Firstly, make up wipes don’t really clean your skin

They mostly smear around the makeup, dirt and dead skin cells hanging around on your face, leaving a trail of red, irritated skin in their wake! Make up wipes cause irritation due to preservatives that prevent bacteria from contamination. You know, when you open the packet, air gets in and so these preservatives are there to stop bacteria forming however these bad chemicals cause inflammation on your skin – hence the reason, those of you with dry sensitive cheeks will become even more dry and sensitive!

I watched an actress using face wipes on tv last night and I was nearly jumping off my chair when I saw her scrubbing her face with the make up wipes – which obviously left her face looking red and angry. Even my husband said ‘cant believe she uses face wipes!” Rubbing the skin can cause low-grade inflammation which can promote pigmentation or even lines and wrinkles!!!

Do I think face wipes are better than not cleansing at all???

Yes face wipes are better than no cleanse at all – God, that was hard for me to say that last sentence! I have some friends who are probably sitting there nodding their heads at this moment. But for me its like saying some people use Vaseline or cooking oil to moisturise their skin – yes really there are people that do that. Nothing in the world is going to convince me that cooking oil, even if its organic, is going to moisturise my skin like my own JL super moisturiser! No way Jose!

Be good to your skin and don’t risk getting red, dry, sensitive or even God forbid – lines & winkles, needlessly. As soon as you get in from a late night out, hit your bathroom and do your 15 minutes of JL skin ritual. Loving your skin along the way J xx

Ps What do I use face wipes for….. Cleaning my leather sofa!





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