fit people have better skin

do fit people have better skin

Do Fit people have better skin?

Does being fit and active affect your skin? Of course it does! We always think about the cardiovascular benefits to being active. But the key here is that anything that promotes your circulation will also make your skin healthy and glow. Here’s why fit people have better skin.

By increasing blood flow, exercise helps to nourish skin cells by delivering oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, including the skin. But the benefits don’t just stop there. You see alongside the blood circulatory system, runs the lymph drainage system which carries away waste products and free radicals. Therefore by increasing blood flow, when you exercise you will be helping to flush cellular debris out of the system.  Think of this as cleansing your skin from the inside. Good huh?!

Exercising for stress

Why I personally exercise is to decrease the stress levels and I firmly believe my early morning walk sets me up to the challenges of the day.  Skin conditions that are exacerbated by stress such as acne and eczema will improve. When you are stressed the sebaceous glands, which produce oil in the skin, are stimulated by stress hormones. Another reason for acne sufferers to exercise is that I believe some of the pustules’ infection which can be present in the skin, will be taken away by the lymph drainage system.

Regular exercise will help tone your muscles and although that doesn’t have a direct affect on skin, the firmer muscles definitely help you look better. Obviously when you look better, your self esteem and confidence grow and that too will have a good effect on your skin.

Exercising Outdoors

Now if like me you like to exercise outdoors then sunscreen is a must. UV rays increase skin cancer risk and contribute 90% to ageing the skin. Best advice is to avoid exercising outside during peak sun time which is between 10am and 4pm.  If you have to be outside during these times, please wear sunscreen.  Also have a look at sports clothing that have a UV protection.

Pro Tip:  Never forget that you will sweat when you exercise and best to shower immediately after exercise to prevent acne flare-ups.

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