how do I keep my tan?

How do I keep my tan?

How do I keep my tan?


Cleanse without drying

Shower gels, bubbles and soap can have a drying effect on skin especially if they contain Sodium Laurel Sulphate – SLS for short. This bad guy strips your skin of its own protective oil and moisture and has to be avoided at all costs. Check the labels on all cleansers and body washes you are using, as SLS shall dry out your skin, take away your tan and if you are unlucky activate eczema! Skin has a ph of 5.6 and you must endeavour to keep it close to that to prevent infection. Look out for ph balanced labels and SLS free! Dove soap is fine to use to wash and look for ‘organic kind to skin’ shower gels.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Slather you skin every day (do you want to keep your tan or not?) with a body lotion that is medium to heavy in consistency. Milky lotions probably contain too much water so opt for a richer cream in a tub. If you have no time in the morning, then think about bathing or showering at night, applying your lovely body cream straight after. Leave skin damp and apply body cream straight away, this will help seal in some water too. When you moisturise any skin on the body, the outer layer epidermis cells soak up the lotion and plump up. This gives the appearance of soft smooth skin which makes you look younger and fine lines and wrinkles disappear!

Fake it!

The trend now is huge for spray tanning and many women are opting to get a spray tan every week or two. Fake tan is the only safe way to tan – there I’ve said it! If you decide to have a spray tan remember to exfoliate all over and don’t wear deodorant. It is also best to wax your legs the day before. Good spray tans are the ones that come off evenly so ‘cheap isn’t always best’. The more expensive spray tans are usually better formulations that are moisturising and fade evenly. The ingredient DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the tanning ingredient and this is present in all fake tan lotions and spray solutions. The more percentage of DHA, the darker the colour. If you are worried at all about it being too dark, ask for alight spray, especially if you are prone to eczema. DHA can have a drying effect so again moisturise after showering every day.

Bronzed and Beautiful

When you come back from holiday your skin should look smoother and clearer and this is due to UV increasing the rate at which your dead skin is shedding. After sun and moisturisers are used lavishly. Also, we tend to drink lots more water and have had a break from the stress of working, looking after family etc. So, keep up this feeling as long as you can by drinking more water at home, having quality relaxing time and moisturising all over.


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