How to care for your hands and keep them looking younger!

1.Wash your hands carefully!

Maybe you don’t realise this, but the first step in caring for your hands is how to wash them.  Every time you wash your hands you are literally stripping your skin of its own natural oils and moisturiser.  When you use hot water – the heat alone is helping to melt away your natural lipid protective barrier.   What about the soap you are using?  Most soaps are a pH of 9 to 10 which means they are alkaline and this is taking away your acid mantle barrier of 5.5.  Therefore if you have dry hands after washing – most probably this is due to the hot water and soap you are using.  

Joanie recommends:  Use lukewarm water and a cream-based, soap-free hand wash to reduce the drying affects.  Look for SLS free hand wash. 

2. Moisturise morning, noon and night!

Just like a skincare routine for our face, our hands need their own skincare routine too.  As we age, our own natural lipids that skin produces starts to decline, which is why it’s important to get into the ‘moisturising your hands’ habit in the morning and at bedtime.  However, this is not enough when we are washing our hands many times per day.   So I would really be happy if you were moisturising your hands after every wash.  I promise you this step alone will change the look of your hands immediately.

Joanie recommends:  try JL Plump and Protect Hand cream.  A pea size amount applied to your hands after washing will instantly make your hands look young and protect them.

3. Intensive care for sensitive hands

Very dry hands that are rough and cracked need a lot of TLC and for this you will need a stronger emollient to repair your dry skin.  There are popular creams out there and one of them is Oilatum which my hair stylist Danni uses as she suffers from contact dermatitis.  

Now, let’s dispel a few myths as Oiliatum contains liquid paraffin and has had some bad press.  Liquid paraffin is a clear, odorless oil derived from petroleum and is widely used in cosmetics.  I know some people do not like mineral oil but this is a natural ingredient derived from the earth and it is purified so that there is no source of contaminants within.   Cosmetics-grade petrolatum and mineral oil are thought to be the safest, most non-sensitising moisturising ingredients.  

Consider using hand creams containing Calendula oil which is another soothing, antioxidant also used in lotions for babies’ eczema. 

Having severely dry hands might also mean that you’re dehydrated, so be sure you’re drinking two litres of water a day.

4. Protect your hands!

Put on your marigolds when do the washing up and cleaning the house!  Protect your hands from the cold weather and germs lurking on outside door handles – by wearing gloves. 

Keep your hands protected from the sun by applying sunscreen as just like your face, UV rays are going to give your hands age spots, lines and wrinkles.

5. My Secret Weapon

I adore treating my hands and feet to luscious moisturising gloves and socks.  There is a soft cotton outer layer with a thermoplastic gel lining which make the gloves and socks feel very soft and comfortable.  The gel lining is infused with botanical gel, lavender, vitamin E, jojoba and olive oil to moisturise your skin and help to deepen the absorption into your skin.

Put these on in the evening whilst watching your favourite Netlix series.  After 30 minutes, you will feel your skin much smoother, softer and younger looking! 

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