How to look younger without going under the knife

How to look younger without going under the knife

How to look younger without going under the knife

The great debate is occurring right now amongst many of my own girlfriends i.e. ‘What can I do about these lines and wrinkles under my eyes?’ or ‘How can I get a firm looking jawline!’ So you are at the age when some of your friends have had work done and some haven’t. Most of us are looking for that miracle cream that is going to keep us looking younger and line free. Everyone wants it to happen overnight too! So let’s talk logically about this…. Did your lines, wrinkles, saggy skin and age spots just suddenly appear? Of course they didn’t, so how can you expect to get rid of these ageing skin problems overnight. The answer is you can’t, however there are a number of ways to have a healthier, younger looking skin and you must be up for the challenge!

Firstly, let’s look at the reasons why your skin ages and the answer mainly lies in how collagen is affected. Collagen is your skin’s support system which keeps the skin young and smooth.

1. Photoaging

Are you the woman that lies on the sunbed all day on holiday? I hope I am going to change your mind when I tell you that number one culprit of ageing skin is the SUN. Yes, the lovely big yellow guy in the sky is responsible for 80% of ageing. Skin is composed of three layers: the epidermis, the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The dermis contains proteins including collagen, elastin and other important fibres that affect the skin’s strength and elasticity, which are responsible for skin’s smooth, youthful appearance. UV rays cause these fibres to break up resulting in lines and wrinkles. Too much exposure causes age spots or hyperpigmentation and broken blood vessels which you see all too often in outdoors people like farmers or golfers.

2. Smoking

Do you have lots of lines around your lips? This is a sure sign of a smoker or someone who has smoked in the past. Not only does smoking cause premature wrinkles but the nicotine in ciggies cause a narrowing of the blood vessels in the outermost layers of your skin. This means that the blood flow to your skin is impaired and with less blood flow, your skin doesn’t get as much oxygen and important nutrients for skin health such as vitamin A.

3. Glycation – a fancy name for sugar!

Sugar is in more food and drinks than you think.. The problem with sugar, apart from tooth decay, is that sugar causes collagen fibres to break and therefore too much sugar in your diet causes lines and wrinkles. So plant this thought in your head ‘sugar degrades collagen.’

4. Stress

When you are stressed you body produces the hormone cortisol and guess what? Cortisol breaks up collagen fibres. Think of when a new US President is elected or a new UK Prime Minister. They seem to age quickly even a short time after taking office.

So to go back to how to look younger without going under the knife is to address these causes.

* Always wear a sunscreen and do not put your face or neck in the sun!

* Quit the ciggies and never start!

* Cut out the sugar and drink lots of water!

* Do whatever you can to be as stress free as possible. Think yoga, read a book, get outside and walk the dog or play some golf.

Think about your nutrition and eat as many foods that are anti-inflammatory and contain as many antioxidants. Soup, veg and fish!!

Think about skincare in the same way as nutrition for the skin.
Joan Recommends: Use Smart Retinol at night to deliver a huge antioxidant – vitamin A to the skin. Remember skin is repairing and renewing itself when you sleep. So retinol is the one that is going to smooth the skin, prevent further lines and wrinkles and is always the ingredient that all plastic surgeons would recommend first. Next use a super hero antioxidant product that is going to protect your skin from those bad guys the free radicals – a favourite of mine is JL Miracle DNA which contains resveratrol. This product is to keep you skin ageless and also an environmental pollution fighter!

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