one thing you should do…

If there is one thing you should do...

If there is one thing you should do…

It was heartening for me to read a ‘beauty tip’ given by the famous beautiful wife of Robbie Williams, Ayda Field, in last Sunday’s You Magazine.

‘Always wear a sunscreen!’ I jump up in joy when I read great skin quotes that are TRUE and this is why – If there is one thing you should do…is this the one all women (and men) should do.


Sunscreen prevents skin cancer, lines, wrinkles and pigmentation problems. Please do not forget that the sun causes 80% of ageing and you have to protect your skin whilst outside. On holiday abroad we all know that we should apply sunscreen especially after swimming. Reapplying sunscreen is key and most of us still manage to tan albeit carefully. As a woman I would always suggest wearing big sunglasses and a big sunhat and keeping the sun off your face and neck if you are serious about keeping your skin as young looking as possible.

Not many people believe that living in Scotland still requires us to wear sunscreen, even in the winter on a dull cloudy day. Cases of skin cancer in Scotland have increased by more than 30% in the past decade, according to latest NHS figures. It still surprises me to see people sunbathing without using sunscreen. Sunburn is damage to the skin and the damage will only be apparent later in life.

Which ingredient?

Look out for Zinc Oxide as this is regarded as the best ingredient as its lies on the surface of the skin and reflects the sun, preventing penetration into the deeper layers of the skin. You see our precious collagen is destroyed by UV rays and when this happens, skin ageing beckons faster and skin becomes lined and saggy. Should I wear it all year round?

Absolutely yes, you should get into the habit of applying sunscreen everyday and think of it as your environmental protector, as if you are putting clothes on your face and neck to protect against UV, wind and rain. All make up should contain sunscreen. John Scott, Plastic Surgeon at the Royal Infirmary, advised that we should be wearing 25 spf daily and some of the skin foundations on the market do not contain the required amount to prevent damage to your skin. John Scott treats approximately 300 skin cancer patients a month.

Why a 25spf?

You have to allow some UV rays to penetrate the skin to get your Vitamin D levels.

Which Product?

JL Formulations Protector Tinted Moisturiser gives you the perfect glow. It can be worn under your make up or on its own and protects your skin.

If you have any skin concerns and would like to chat. Please email me and I can give a complimentary skin consultation.

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