Jade Rollers – Do they actually work?

Jade Roller

What are Jade Rollers?

A jade roller is a handheld beauty tool that holds a couple of smooth polished stones that you can easily roll over the face.  First used in ancient China for their healing energy, nowadays jade rollers have been touted as a skin care remedy for everything from depuffing to anti-ageing. 

All jade rollers are not equal!

You can pay anything from £15 to £60 which must tell you that there are fake lookalike knockoffs made of marble or quartz. I know that sounds a bit naughty that companies are doing this but marble and quartz can have the same cooling effect which is the main good feeling I got myself from trying the jade roller.

The marketing that is put out there by the companies selling jade rollers claim the rollers will treat puffiness, dark circles to lines and wrinkles.   Other ‘stories’ say they can slim your face or help detoxify the skin and this is just not physiologically possible.   

Some companies claim the tool’s massaging action helps improve lymphatic drainage and circulation. To be honest I can see how they can get away with saying this – as having tested a jade roller for myself, but the effect would be temporary and more importantly, massaging over sensitive skin, rosacea or broken capillaries – will make them worse. 

What about the claims that jade rollers can reduce dark circles and wrinkles??  

No way Jose! Jade rollers are not capable of sorting out the under-eye skin’s real cause of dark circles. This anti-ageing claim….the reason for skin ageing is simply due to loss of subcutaneous fat which supports the Dermis (middle layer of skin), lifestyle choices such as ‘smoking’  and the main one due to UV degrading the collagen which gives us lines and wrinkles.

Do Jade Rollers Actually Help Skin Care Products to Absorb?

This is just not true! Jade Rollers cannot help ‘push’ ingredients into your skin so they absorb better! Why you ask? This is the science bit. Absorption of skincare is simply down to the molecular size of the ingredients and the formulations. Good skincare formulations contains ingredients that need to lie on the skin’s surface to protect it against environmental assault and to protect the skin’s moisture barrier e.g. antioxidants. Also these same formulations may contain ingredients that need to be absorbed deep into the skin, such as retinol or peptides, to enable them to do their job. The special tool needed to apply good skincare is simply …. your own fingers!

The Skin Guru’s Last Word on Jade Rollers

I do believe that the Jade Roller will depuff your face and eye area. I used the beauty tool for a week myself and actually loved the feel of it on my skin. In the morning after cleansing I spent time massaging my face with the roller, which felt lovely and cool.  The interesting thing for me is that the cooling effect lasted for a while afterwards. Now if you are prone to puffiness, I would say go ahead and buy one. Just make sure you are careful not to apply too much pressure as this could damage the skin. 

The swelling of facial tissue may stop the skin from repairing and renewing itself. That is the reason why I would continue to use it. Lastly, I did enjoy feeling relaxed whilst using it and to me that’s the selling point of Jade Rollers. Any beauty tool that gives you a sense of well-being is a definite winner to me.