Ageing process is now under way with lines and wrinkles around your eyes, forehead and slackness is becoming apparent. Exfoliation is key to speeding up Skin Renewal System so three times a week. SPF is extremely important to prevent further sun damage so SPF 30 every day under make up!

Anti Ageing

There is help here….JL Exfoliating Cleanser is a must due to ingredient Glycolic Acid. This cleanser alone is going to change your skin. Future Skin Serum is your next stop as its the best serum to give you the best skin in the future – simple as that!   Growth Factors is the latest gold standard in anti ageing and this is a must for skin that is dehydrated, ageing, dull and lifeless.   All the peptides contained in this serum to repair, renew and nourish your skin.  Growth Factors nowadays is likened to what Retinol was when it was first discovered!  Another massive tip for you if USE JL  Protector SPF 30 every day and apply every couple of hours is you are outside.

A twice weekly application of JL Rejuvenating Mask is a must for an added peptide infusion for firming and tightening skin. Don’t forget about Eye Lift Cream. This is your go to eye treatment cream to help those puffy under eye bags and those dark circles that make you look tired.