Our Story

Joan Robertson

Joan Robertson is a skin care expert.

cruelty free

Get ready to experience the Secret – Our Story

Our Story begins with Joan graduating as a Beauty Therapist in a private college in Edinburgh Scotland over 30 years ago and immediately her passion for skin care was evident. Her goal is the same now as it was then – creating her clients future skin to be in the best optimum health.

During the early days Joan was mixing and creating her own customized skincare remedies to target her client’s problem skin concerns. The results were excellent and Joan’s reputation as a skincare expert grew rapidly.

‘Today, Joan is regarded as UK’s hidden secret and expert in ultimate skincare.”


She continued to develop and record her findings and was passionate that her products should be natural and therefore derived from natural sources. This is a woman who loves all animals and it was extremely important that her range was first and foremost cruelty free. A keen scuba diver who has swam with our friends in the ocean, another consideration was her range was environmentally friendly and long before ‘toxic plastic beads’ became a worldwide concern, the scrubs in her range led from the front – containing natural ingredients which dissolve naturally too.

The last piece of the ‘skincare puzzle’ was that JL had to be free of bad chemicals and therefore it had to be paraben free. These health and skin values are what makes Joan stand apart and the result was the launch of JL Formulations.

JL is an advanced cosmeceutical skincare brand combining super antioxidants, peptides, plant stem cells using latest technologies. Our skincare is designed to nourish, anti age, revitalise and protect skin from free radical damage, dryness, fine lines, uneven skin tone and inflammation.

Perfected luxurious, customised face and body treatments have been designed that are the secret of clients who are looking for long-lasting, rejuvenating results. Her dedication to consistently provide a range of treatments and products to each and every client has garnered fame and indeed there are hundreds of  Skin Clinics and Spa’s throughout UK who are now trained JL Aestheticians!

Ultimately, Joan is aiming for these JL Ambassadors to educate their clients with regard to skincare in order to achieve optimum skin health.

Joan has a unique approach of truly bringing out the best in skin through her skincare products and lifestyle insight. Being a vegetarian, eating mainly organic and a keep fit enthusiast, she believes skin is our most amazing gift and needs to be treated with care and love at any age. She studied in Edinburgh, attends Skin conferences all over the world, lectures to young beauty therapists, writes blogs, speaks on Radio and likes to ‘teach the world’ on Facebook Live every week about skin.

Say hello to ‘JL Formulations’ and to the skin you have always wanted.

I wanted every client to walk out of my Skin Clinic feeling Absolutely Fabulous!

Love JL x