Men’s skincare routine

What makes men’s skin really different from women’s?

1.  Hormones

Most of the differences between men and women’s skin can be blamed on different levels of hormones. 

Men are ruled by and have a higher amount of the male hormone testosterone which controls sebum (oil) secretion, sweat production, hair growth and a whole host of other factors.

Women do have testosterone but a higher amount of the female hormone oestrogen.

2.  Thick and tougher

Ever wondered why men’s skin doesn’t age as quickly as women’s?  Probably the main answer is due to men’s skin being 25% thicker than a women’s.   The male hormone testosterone is responsible for stimulating the thickness and also the sebum (oil) production.  Plus, an added bonus is that men’s skin texture is tougher and therefore, more resilient.

After puberty, sebum production is greater in men than women which accounts for why men have longer lasting acne.

No matter what age, men have a higher collagen density than women.   Now collagen is what keeps our skin young, plump and wrinkle free and therefore directly related to the signs of ageing.   Hence the reason it has been said a woman’s skin is about 15 years older than a man’s of the same age. 

You would think that with younger looking, thicker, tougher skin, the guys would protect it, but men are less sun savvy than women and don’t place as much emphasis on sunscreens.   One thing, us girls do better, is to apply sunscreen to ensure we are protecting our lovely skin from bad, damaging UV rays and premature ageing. 

3.  Sebum Production

Another reason why men’s skin looks younger than women’s is their natural moisturiser – sebum.  Sebum is really important as it provides your skin with a protective and waterproof barrier on the outside surface of your skin.  However when the oil glands are overactive this can result in blocked and/or enlarged pores and acne.

The male hormone causes the sebaceous glands to increase in size and stimulate more sebum production.  Men tend to have much larger pores than women and therefore secrete more sebum.  It turns out that men usually produce 4 times more sebum than women.   The more sebum produced results in larger facial pores.

Men’s oil production levels stay pretty constant throughout their lives giving them moisturising effects.   But women’s oil production levels decrease with age and another reason why women line and wrinkle quicker is due to a lack of moisture. 

4.  Facial Hair

Probably the biggest difference between men and women’s skin is facial hair.  Men grow facial hair due to the presence of testosterone and have to shave most days.

However, shaving can be both helpful and harmful to men’s skin.  On the harmful side – it can make male skin irritated, inflamed, dry, red, have ingrown hairs and may be hyper-sensitive when skincare products are applied afterwards. 

On the plus side – shaving removes the dead skin cells, just like the dermaplane facial, smoothing the skin surface, preventing blockages and any creams applied on top will penetrate into the skin better.

How to look after men’s skin

If open pores and oily skin are your skin problems then there is a secret weapon designed to normalise the skin’s sebum production and that is ….Vitamin A.  This super antioxidant is able to decrease the activity of overactive sebaceous glands and is therefore ideal for those who are looking to banish acne-prone breakouts.  So be on the lookout for Retinol skincare products which will deliver vitamin A to your skin.

If you suffer from blackheads, then your next secret weapon is the ingredient salicylic acid.   This beta hydroxy acid dissolves oil and will help to clean out the pores, reduce the pore size and prevent clogs.   So be on the lookout for cleansers that contain this ingredient and use it a couple of times a day.

If you have concerns with pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, then team up with vitamin C serums.   Vitamin C helps to fade pigmentation and stimulates the fibroblasts to make collagen.  This is a winning combo with the use of vitamin A. 

To protect that handsome face, you have got to get into the habit of using sunscreen daily guys!!  This is a must to keep your skin looking and behaving young and healthy.

A good skincare regime for guys would be: 

Cleanser with salicylic acid

Eye cream with caffeine to depuff and moisturise the eye area

Vitamin C serum to keep skin looking bright and glowing

A light water based Hyaluronic moisturiser for hydration

Mineral sunscreen SPF30 to protect from premature ageing and skin cancer.