My 2020 Skin Care Resolutions

skin care resolutions

My 2020 Skin Care resolutions

As we start into our New Year 2020, you’re probably in the process of reflecting over the past year — or decade even — and starting to set your skin care resolutions for the coming year. You might decide you want to be more active, lose weight, travel more or have more quality time with your family. But most of all, you should definitely set some skincare goals for yourself in 2020. So if you want to look your glowiest through 2020, here are a few skin tips to make that happen!

1. Sunscreen is an Every Single Day habit

This is one of the important skin care resolutions that I repeat every single year. Doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside, maybe it’s cloudy, winter time or you may be wearing a hat, applying SPF is an absolute must!! If you do this you are protecting your skin from disease, skin cancer and slowing down signs of ageing. And never forget to apply it to your hands too.

2. Double Cleanse your skin Every night

I realise some of you will be saying you are too tired but cleansing your face and neck every night can make a huge difference in the appearance and overall health of your skin. So promise in 2020 you will always double cleanse at night.

3. Include Skincare onto your Neck, Chest and Hands

We all worry about our faces showing age, but did you know that your neck and hands show signs of ageing first? So when you are applying your skincare products, spread the products over your neck and chest area too. And always, always apply hand cream after every hand wash if possible.

4. Keep your Skincare Routine Simple

Recently, I heard that the 12 step skincare routine has become popular but many of you will start to become overwhelmed with that number of products. So think of Marie Kondo, the declutter guru, and take a hard look at all the products you have hoarded over the past year and get rid of the ones that aren’t working for you. I feel that around 5/6 products are enough to be using am and pm. And remember if you need any help with that…just email me at

5. Look after your Body Skin too!

Most of us are used to incorporating a few skincare products to take care of our faces, but how much effort are you putting into the skin on the rest of your body? You should be cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising your body skin regularly. I would say cleansing and moisturising is the daily task for your body but once a week, give it a good exfoliation too and see the difference.

For my own daily body skin treat, I massage baby oil all over my skin before stepping into the bath. This prevents the bubble bath or soap from drying my skin out. Especially good for those of us who are prone to eczema. After I pat myself dry, on goes an organic body lotion or organic coconut oil.

7. Get into the Face Mask habit

I bet if you talked to your grandmother then she would tell you that she regularly did a weekly face mask. I remember my own mother Annie, having a Sunday night face mask ritual which she later on shared with me. You may already be masking but make a commitment to put on a face mask at least once a week. Think about when you are catching up on your Netflix show and maybe try a Wednesday and Sunday night. Take the make up off first, double cleanse, gently exfoliate, then apply your favourite mask. This is a wonderful way to set aside time for yourself and your skin will love you for it.

Personally, I am all for leaving a hydrating or nourishing mask on overnight.

8. Start using Serums in your Routine

Serums are concentrated so choose one that is going to help your own skin type. Apply serums onto clean skin and let them absorb. Then apply moisturiser and spf on top. Look at serums with Vit C, peptides and antioxidants and remember, if using Retinol – this serum is recommended  to be used at night.

9. Become an Eco-Conscious skincare lover

The beauty industry is slowly becoming more eco-conscious but it needs your help to push towards more sustainable business models. This year, make your commitment to invest in products that use recyclable packaging. When you finish a product, make an effort to put it in the correct recycling bin.

10. Get your Beauty Sleep

For a really fresh, healthy skin we need to aim for 7-8 hours sleep per night. Make sure you are taking the make-up off, double cleansing, applying eye cream, serum then moisturiser and a good idea is to try doing this step an hour before you go to bed, in order that you don’t feel too tired. Good skincare before going to sleep is going to pay dividends by encouraging skin cell renewal and waking up to a fresh, healthy face. Why not invest in a silk pillowcase which is thought to be anti-ageing preventing dents and creases on your skin.

11. Try out a New Facial Treatment at your local salon

There is nothing nicer than having a really good facial, done by an expert, at your local salon. Why not make an appointment for a skin consultation and advice on the best facial for you. There are so many new treatments out there but look for a recommended salon and pay a visit. A good beauty aesthetician will give your skin a fabulous treatment and give you good skincare advice. In 2020, try to have a monthly facial to keep your skin in optimum skin health.

12. Treat yourself to beauty treatments to make life easier

In the morning I want to cut down on the amount of time it takes to get ready so I can get to work. This has led me to having eyebrow and eyelash tints as I have blond hair that has no definition unless coloured. Now, for the past couple of years I have loved having a lash lift. This helps me to forego the eyelash curlers that I have had to use previously. My eyelashes are curled and tinted so that they look good with no mascara on and great for those of us, like myself, who have blond hair. I also recently had a brow lamination which I am now addicted to. The brow lamination makes my brows look thicker and darker. Make 2020 your year to invest in such skincare treatments to make life easier. I’m alway saying ‘Time is the new luxury’ and this will give you more time.

Which of these 2020 skin care resolutions will you be adding?