Open pores and oily t zone are the bane of your life! Apply Cleanser, massage thoroughly onto skin and use facecloth rinsed out in lukewarm water to take cleanser off. Exfoliate 3 times a week and never over moisturise as this shall block an oily skin!

Oily Skin

Remember that your skin ages better that the others as the oil helps maintain moisture levels – so that’s one thing to be happy about right?!   You need to use products that don’t strip your skin of oil so use JL Exfoliating Cleanser to clean skin twice a day and after exercise.   Exfoliate using JL Skin Scrub which Guys can use as their cleanser am and pm. This is a terrific skin exfoliator and cleanser – give it a try.

Keep moisturiser off the extremely oily t zone as this shall block your skin and can cause acne! Super Moisturiser is light enough to use on the non oily areas to prevent dehydration. Our Smart Retinol is a lovely light lotion that absorbs easily and on a time released delivery system to help balance and clear skin. Smart Retinol 0.5% is the ultimate skincare product that can target problem skin and individual skin concerns.