You may be an outdoors type who has sun damage or you may be a sun worshiper but Pigmentation can affect 99% of us throughout our lives! SPF 30 is a must on décolleté, face and neck every day. On your hands too if they have dark spots. Exfoliate with glycolic acid as ingredient to lighten and brighten your skin using Jl Exfoliating Cleanser on a daily basis.


A must on decollete, face and neck and any other area that is exposed to UV and it should be reapplied every couple of hours at least. This is our one product for you that is a must. We have a Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30 which is great for every day use for the girls and there is a spray SPF 30 for the guys and for those girls who like easy to apply lightweight sunscreen. SMART Retinol is also a must have for you as it prevents pigmentation and lightens and brightens your skin. Massage a few drops into the area that is prone to pigmentation every night for maximum benefit. Big hat and sunglasses are my other go to protectors!