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For the past number of years I have definitely seen more cases of rosacea and I write this blog to help those of you who have this chronic skin disorder.

‘Rosacea’ comes from the Latin rosaceus meaning ‘pinklike’ and is characterized by micro-circulatory problems that affect the face. The dilation of blood vessels combined with redness or erythema and in some cases you can have facial lesions that look like acne. Although symptoms may occur during teenage years, most people experience the onset of rosacea in their 30s, 40s or 50s, and it is more predominate in fair-skinned women.

The precise cause is unfortunately unknown however research has shown that many factors are involved, such as genetics, heredity and would you believe…. stomach dyspepsia and Helicobacter pylori infection, seborrhea, Demodex folliculorum mites, endocrine disorders, vitamin deficiency, liver disease and stress-related cause! So you can see why doctors have problems with this skin issue.

Rosacea Triggers

Rosacea clients are generally prone to flushing and blushing mainly on the t-zone and cheeks. This can occur either spontaneously or can be triggered by the following:

Emotional stress
Heat and abrupt temperature changes
Sunlight and repeated sunburning
Alcoholic beverages
Spicy foods
Foods that contain histamine or cause the body to release histamine, such as tomatoes and pineapples
Medications, such as steroids

For example, a rosacea client may experience facial redness after drinking a hot beverage.

Rosacea demands good, effective and proper skin care. Successful treatment of the skin is vital to improve the symptoms and enhance the client’s quality of life. As an aesthetician I am therefore going to advise on treatments I know have given


Intense Pulsed Light

Produces remarkable results to improve facial flushing and erythema by targeting dilated blood vessels causing their atrophy and removal. This is the most effective treatment in severe cases. IPL is given every 4 weeks as a treatment and it takes around 30 minutes.

LED Lite therapy facials are extremely beneficial for rosacea, especially when it comes to gentle healing and decreasing inflammation. Treatment is delivered by red and blue light waves and takes around 30 minutes. This treatment can be done twice a week.

Clients need to be given a thorough skin consultation to ensure that they are using correct skincare. It is very important that skin care products for rosacea-affected clients include ingredients, such as rosehip seed oil, chamomile and vitamin C , all capable of addressing microcirculatory and inflammatory problems.

Teaching the client how to use light pressure when cleansing their skin is vital to encourage calming of the skin. Ensuring there is no use of harsh muslin cloths and scratchy tissues. I would advocate the use of their hands gently and once you have skin calmed down then a clean facecloth can be used. Camouflage makeup is another viable topical option to address visible redness. Makeup, preferably mineral, should be hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, easy to apply, sweatproof and offer SPF protection. But even if makeup is not worn, the client must wear a SPF 30 to preserve the skin’s well-being when outdoors for more than 15 minutes under broad sunlight.

For Rosacea we ❤️ Revitalizing Cleanser (rosehip) & Essential Moisture

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