‘Gently does it!’ is your mantra. Apply cleanser and creams with extremely light pressure to desensitize your skin. Moisturise and use SPF. Think of your SPF as an environmental protector and use it every day. Drink 2 litres of water and don’t do exercises that make your face redder as this shall encourage broken capillaries!

Sensitive Skin

Your skin is pink and after exercise can be pinker.  Extremes of temperature really affect your sensitive skin.   Step 1 – apply all skincare with extremely light pressure and do not use facecloths, tissues or anything that is going to scratch your skin.  Use JL Face & Eye Make Up Remover soaked in cotton pads to remove make-up and use JL Revitalizing Cleanser with lukewarm water to cleanse.

Applying Super Moisturiser, let it absorb, then apply again for a light weight option or Using Essential Moisture as a protective and nourishing moisturier may appeal for those who love a heavier option.   Apply one of the JL Protector SPF 30 after moisturiser.   Drink lots of water and do not sunbathe or cover up when in sun.

Watch Joan’s Instructional videos on the JL Youtube channel for sensitive skin types – watch here

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