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prtoective spf spray for sensitive skin

Protector Sunscreen SPF 30 – High Protection


Benefits : light weight, easy spray & full protection


JL Protector Sunscreen SPF 30 comes in a lightweight spray that dries instantly when applied and a perfect moisturiser spf for the guys who want every product to be quick and easy.  Our cute little spray can be carried in your handbag or in his golf bag and great for your weekend away.

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Product Description

Protector Sunscreen SPF 30

The first step in anti ageing the skin is to apply sunscreen EVERY day. Sunscreen should be applied after moisturiser has absorbed and prior to make up. If this is applied every day, winter and summer, then you have protected your skin from 80% ageing which is caused by the sun (uv)!


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Additional Information


Lines & Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Sun Damage




Acne, Lines & Wrinkles, Normal, Oily, Pigmentation, Sensitive, Dry


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    handy for my hand bag, just a quick spray and im protected!

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