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JL Formulations Looking Younger Rejuvenating Mask

Rejuvenating Mask

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Correction/Hydration/Anti-ageing in 1 Product!


Benefits : collagen boosting, hydration, rejuvenating

JL Formulations Rejuvenating Mask is clinically proven with peptides and active rejuvenating ingredients for healthy, younger looking skin. Improvement of skin’s elasticity, tone and texture.


For Anti-ageing, Rejuvenation, Dehydrated, Lifeless skin          60ml


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Product Description

Rejuvenating Mask

Rejuvenating Mask helps to fight skin ageing by protecting it from free radicals. Whilst continually boosting the skin’s immune system.

Regular weekly use in addition to the daily application of our anti-ageing skin care products will have a cumulative effect on the youthfulness of skin.


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  1. :

    Instructions say once a week treatment – I love it that much I use it twice and leave it on whilst I sleep! Lifting mask is the boost i need before my weekends out!

  2. :

    I heard this was botox in a tube and just had to buy. Haven’t been disappointed – fab mask! Skin felt smoother and fresh after leaving it on for 30 minutes.

  3. :

    This I SWEAR is botox in a bottle. I use this a couple of times per week. It smells so refreshing and leaves your skin with a lovely glow. Gorgeous.

  4. :

    I love using this mask I wear it to my bed when I feel my skin needs it especially in the winter months when I feel my skin is more dry and needs a more hydration.

  5. :

    Love love love this! I always try to use it once a week. On the lead up to my wedding I used it every night for 3 weeks, I slept with it on. I was so happy with my skin on the day!

  6. :

    I loved this product when used in a facial, so now off to try it at home – so excited!

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