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Perfect Skin Vitamin C Serum 1oz

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Perfectskin Serum

Benefits : lightens, brightens, detoxifies

Antioxidant Super Serum specifically designed to actively boost natural hydration. Encourages skin to lighten, brighten and create a clearer complexion.


For Sun Damage, Breakouts, Pigmentation, Anti- ageing          1oz


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Product Description

Perfectskin Serum

JL Formulations Perfectskin Serum 1oz is a comprehensive Antioxidant Super Serum. This incredible skin changer  takes advantage of each of the unique antioxidant delivery methods and chemical interactions. To ultimately combat oxidative stress and provide additional hydration and skin lightening benefits.

The scientific compatibility and enhancement that these selective ingredients provide help combat oxidative stress on multiple levels, for a deeper more satisfying antioxidant treatment than any one ingredient on its own.


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  1. :

    This is a bit of a magic potion. I have been using for about a month with JL Formulations cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser and can see quite a difference in my skin. After a couple of weeks I had some flaking and dry patches but now my skin is brighter and smoother. Love it.

  2. :

    Just back from holiday and this has been a lifesaver! Revived my skin and is now looking 10x better than before!!!
    Thank you JL x

  3. :

    Have been using this product for just under a month and can already see a big difference in my skin already! My skin feels and looks great and is so evenly toned. I suffer from a skin condition and have tried so many products over the years – JL products are by far the best and my skin feels smooth and moisturised. Fabulous range of products :)

  4. :

    i cant believe the difference using this product for only 2 weeks

  5. (verified owner):

    This is my favourite product from the JL Formulations range. I love it, a few drops morning and evening makes my skin so much clearer and fresher feeling. Elixir of youth!

  6. :

    Love this serum, after years of lying in the sun, i am now trying to turn the clock back. Its made a huge difference to my pigmentation. .M

  7. :

    I suffer from pigmentation and this serum has worked wonders on it!

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