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Smart Retinol 0.5%


Smart Retinol 0.5%

Benefits : renews, refresh & rejuvenate

Intuitively target individual skin concerns and is clinically proven to target uneven skin tone, texture, lines & wrinkles. 30ml

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Product Description

Smart Retinol 0.5%


JL Smart Retinol contains up to the minute delivery and stabilization technology. 0.5% Smart Retinol has a velvety textured cream being delivered through time release to the layers of your skin. Known for its ability to renew and refresh, retinol is regarded as the miracle ingredient in skincare. 30ml


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Must be applied in the Evening only.

In the evening apply a pea-sized amount to clean skin avoiding the eye and lip area. Limit initial use to once or twice a week, gradually increasing frequency as tolerated.

If redness or irritation occurs pull back use.


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