Skin in your 30’s

Skin in your 30's

How your skin changes in your 30’s

Come on admit it, why is it that when the age of 30 is approached, some of you just go into downright panic?

Is it because this is the age when you are supposed to be grown up and no longer rely on your parents? Also who has noticed that when it comes to your skin – things may have changed?

You probably have already noticed that in your late 20s your skin and body have began the change. Now in your 30’s you seem to need more sleep and your stomach doesn’t react well to certain foods. I remember around this age I had to cut down on dairy and wheat or else an upset stomach would soon occur. Your skin is changing too and you might notice your skin feels drier than before and seems to get more easily irritated. Not to mention spots seem to be popping up even if you didn’t suffer from them before age 30. So what is going on?

The main skin change in your 30’s is that the skin cell turnover has slowed down. Let me explain…

The skin cycle

The outer layer of the skin is called the epidermis and it is made up of dead cells that are always flaking off. These are replaced by new cells which are made in the lower layer of the epidermis – basal layer – which move upward to the outside of the skin. As the cells move up through the five layers of the epidermis, they harden and die. This is called the ‘skin cycle’ or the ‘skin renewal system.’

The skin renewal system slows down as we age

This cycle of cell production and replacement slows down as we age. In your 20’s this would take around 4 weeks and now in your 30’s, this process will take 4 to 6 weeks. As this skin cell renewal slows, you begin to accumulate dead cells on the surface of your skin making it look dull, lines and wrinkles begin to set and bacteria can become trapped causing breakouts.

Think about this build up of dead skin cells and know that this interferes with light reflection. So you start to feel your skin lacks it’s glow.

What do we have to do to speed up skin renewal?

On the other hand, when the outer surface of skin is made up of newer skin cells, skin will feel softer, have less lines and imperfections and your glow will have returned. Therefore, biggest rule when your turn 30….try to maintain an average of 28 day skin replacement cycle through healthy lifestyle choices and a regular skin care routine using ingredients that are known to speed things up.

Is your skin dull now that you are 30?

Best advice – exfoliate twice a week. Since your skin cells aren’t turning over as often, you need to get rid of these dead skin cells manually and this will get you to speed up the process, revealing newer, brighter skin underneath. This will get you back to glowing skin in no time and also help the skincare products you layer on top to absorb better into your skin.

Or have you suddenly got spots at age 30?

Your body goes through hormonal changes and especially for the ladies, we seem to naturally have more hormonal changes. Us ladies are unfortunately more prone to adult acne during our 30’s and this is due to the male hormone kicking up a level, pushing out more of our own oil onto the surface of the skin. Hormones can go haywire due to oral birth control pills, pregnancy or the stresses of modern life.

The main thing for women and men who get acne in their 30’s is not to panic and use too many over the counter harsh products. Remember if you go harsh you can stimulate the oil to flow even more, making the condition worse.

You need to look at cleansers that contain ingredients to normalise the oil production without stripping the skin. So look for salicylic acid and because you have to speed up the cell renewal – it’s worth looking at glycolic acid in products which will do just this.

Don’t over moisturise the areas of your skin that have active spots.

Vitamin A is an excellent powerful antioxidant to normalise the skin and it also speeds up skin cell renewal. Think of vitamin A as the vitamin that is going to get your skin back to normal.

Has your skin become dry now you are in your 30’s?

So your skin has slowed down and some of you will notice the top layer of skin, the epidermis, has become not only dull but dryer. You are having difficulty in keeping it moisturised. This is simply due to your own skin hydrating ingredient – hyaluronic acid – slows down in production.

Try adding an exfoliator with alpha hydroxy acids that are going to take off the dead skin cells. Look for ingredients such as glycolic, lactic or citric in your skincare. This will speed up cell turnover making your skin look fresher.

Now use a moisturiser with ceramides and lipids and lookout for ones that contain hyaluronic acid.

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Think about using a twice weekly moisturising and hydrating mask. Sleep with it on overnight and that should do the trick!

Pro Tip: Now is the decade you really want to start to look after your lifestyle. Making the right choices for your skin, body and mental health!. Why not take up an exercise class such as yoga or Pilates. Yes, and I am talking to the guys as well here!