So you are the bride!

So You are the Bride!

So You are the Bride!

How exciting to be preparing for your big day. The timescale on this is very important in order that your skin is just looking fabulous on your big Day! So what’s a bride to do….get your diary and start 6 months before. Now put in your diary every day ‘Drink 2 Litres of Water’. This is going to start to flush out the toxins, hydrate and plump up fine lines and wrinkles (if you have any)! Also drinking 2 litres of water is going to help lose any extra pounds for the big event. You see if you are dehydrated then fat cells are dehydrated too and that means they are harder to break down. So there’s a real plus to drinking the 2 litres.

Skin Routine

Now ensure you cleanse properly by using face & eye make up remover first to take of eyeshadow, mascara and foundation. This is going to ready your skin for the cleanser. Depending on your age you can use Revitalizing Cleanser if you are ‘considered’ a young bride or Exfoliating Cleanser if you have fine lines. After you have cleansed in the evening, start getting into the habit of using the Skin Scrub twice a week for the first few months and closer to the wedding day this can be upped to three times a week. This combination of cleansers/scrubs is like giving yourself a microdermabrasion at home. The results will show in a clearer, smoother, younger skin.

Now apply Perfect Skin Serum every evening – a few drops only. All over face and neck missing the lip line and do not go too close to the eye. Let this absorb before next step. This serum is going to absolutely get rid of pigmentation, acne, troublesome areas due to the high concentration of Vitamin C. Its like giving your skin a vitamin drink. And great for older brides as it stimulates new collagen! Yay!

The final evening step is Miracle DNA and this is a super fantastic moisturiser which should be thought of as your night cream. This amazing moisturiser has huge anti oxidant benefits. It also contains peptides which make skin super healthy and younger, fresher looking.

Once a week, treat your skin to Rejuvenating Mask and close to the wedding itself, put this on every night instead of Miracle DNA. This is going to give you skin like glass, so smooth and luminous. You need to do it for a month as it takes this long for the skin renewal system to show the best results.

There it is girls, the best way for a bride to look after her skin from 6 months before her big day to ensure she looks absolutely beautiful. And have everyone say ‘What is that girl using on her skin – she looks just stunning!’