Summer spring glow

summer skin glow

Summer Skin Glow

Looking after your skin should be a priority during the summer months as we want to be outdoors enjoying the big yellow guy in the sky, so how do we do this in a sensible way? Here’s a few of my tips to get you started…

1. Exfoliate

This is at the very top of my skin care secrets. Your body sheds skin cells at an amazing rate every minute of the day. You want glowing skin, right? So let’s get started and get rid of dry, dead skin cells that make skin look dull and older. Use a scrub preferably in the evening all over your face and body to encourage a smoother more fresher skin look. Why not have a shower and take in Face & Body refiner with you. I like to mix this with a little water and apply to dry skin and take time to massage all over leaving your face to last. The refiner has a gorgeous strawberry smell and is full of antioxidants. Now put the shower on and allow this exfoliator to rinse off with all your excess dead skin cells. Don’t forget to hydrate with a body lotion afterwards. For all you self tan or spray tan lovers – this is a step to do just before having self tan applied to make the tan go on evenly and last longer!

Exfoliation is the key to prevent congestion and dull skin and makes all your serums and moisturisers absorb and work better!

Recommendation: Face & Body Refiner for the girls Skin Scrub for the guys

2. Hydrate

Drink still filtered water to compensate for the rise in temperature and a good way to know how much to drink for body health is this…
What do you weigh in pounds? Half this number = the amount of fluid ounces of water you should drink to maintain body health. E.g. I weigh 10 stone and this makes me 140 pounds. Half of 140 is 70 and therefore I should drink 70 fluid ounces of water a day! This is 1.9 litres for my European friends.

If you are getting headaches in the summer then there’s a good chance that you are dehydrated. Also if you drink caffeinated or fizzy drinks – you need to drink three times as much water!

Recommendation: H20 :)

3. Spf, spf, spf!

Do not go outside without having first applied your sunscreen. Remember that between the hours of 10am and 3pm the sun’s UV rays are at their strongest meaning you are more likely to burn. Use a sunscreen spf 25 and wear protective clothing – always thinking ‘big hat and sunglasses!’

How much should you apply? Easy, a teaspoon for the face and a shot glass full for the body!

Recommendation: Tinted Moisturiser spf 30 for face, neck and décolleté and Protector spf 30 spray for the body. PS. Guys you will love the Protector spf 30 for face and body!

There you have your summer skin glow!