Switch up your Skincare

switch up your skincare

Switch up your November Skincare

This week we have had blazing sunshine and now today it’s torrential rain. But one thing we are aware of in this month of November is that our skin will begin to feel the pressure. So why do we need to switch up our skincare?

During the summer months we are outside more, exposing our skin to more sun and fresh air but now that has changed and these seasonal changes include change in temperature. So now the air conditioning is lowered, central heating is now on in our homes and workplaces, air pollution becomes worse and we now have a lack of daylight.

To put it mildly, our skins are going to have a tough old time getting accustomed to the lower temperatures. So what can we do to counteract this?

Think about re-balancing the levels of hydration and moisturisation within your skin, but instead of using more product, it may be that you have to change some.

So here are five steps to a happy and healthy skin this November.

1. More hydrating formulations

After summer, skin can be stressed and sun damaged. This time of year is a good time to build up your skin’s lipid barrier. This protective barrier is on the outside layer of the epidermis, it now has to face the extremes of centrally heated offices and homes and go outside into the cold, wind and rain. We also have to think about repairing and nourishing our skin after a summer of sun exposure.

If you have been using lightweight gel-water moisturisers, put them away and lookout for thicker, richer lotions.

The humidity in the air is naturally less during autumn and winter which means there is less moisture for skin. You can feel this if your face starts to get hotter and hotter at the office or home. This is simply a sign that there is a lack of moisture in the air and the reason why you should always be drinking more water too at this time of year.

So before this lack of hydration negatively impacts your skin, ensure you are applying a comforting, deeply nourishing cream. If you suffer from very dry skin, it’s worth layering your moisturising products.

2. What ingredients should you use

Skin loves hydration all year round but the colder air means ingredients such as hyaluronic acid are especially needed at this time of year. Hyaluronic acid, squalane, glycerin and ceramides work brilliantly together to lock in moisture, prevent you from losing moisture, keeping skin soft and supple.

Our immune systems are down too and the chance of catching a cold is seriously higher. This is the reason why you must include antioxidants in both your diet and your skincare. Every skincare routine benefits from vitamins A, C and E but lookout for Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant also found in a glass of red wine – say no more!

3. SPF

I realise most of us apply sunscreen during the summer months but it is still absolutely essential to wear SPF year round, even in the colder, duller months. 80 per cent of the sun’s rays can penetrate through clouds, meaning skin is never safe when bare.

4. Body Care

Why do we forget that skin covers our entire body and as we put on layers of clothing, exfoliation becomes more important. I would like you to help encourage the movement of lymph and circulation. Dry body brushing and a lovely scrub are the way to go. So before you step into the shower, try a bit of body brushing for about 5 minutes. Or if you want to try a lovely skin scrub – do this on dry skin. You could add a little water to the scrub to make it more manageable. Then step into the shower and wash off all the dead skin cells that have now been loosened up. Once out of the shower, quickly onto damp skin, apply natural coconut oil which you have had steeping in a basin of hot water to make it liquid. Massage this quickly over your body and then put on the cosy jammies. Your body will love you for this treat.

5. Never forget about your hands

With all the drying hand washes you may be using or those hygienic hand sprays…most of us will be getting dry, cracked, inflamed skin on our hands right now. So please check what you are using to wash hands with and steer clear of formulations with high soap content. Try using Dove soap or look for Sodium Laureth Sulphate free soaps. So change up the soap. Apply hand creams AM and PM and during the daytime after every hand wash if you can.

Wear gloves when going outside in the cold weather.

Also, you can buy moisturising gloves online which you can sit and watch Netflix, hands should be washed and then put on these thick moisturing gloves for an hour. After an hour, take them off and your hands will feel soft and comfortable. No more cracked skin!! Are you ready to switch up your skincare?