show your true age

Show your true age

The part of your body that does show your true age

Are you trying to stay looking young and fresh?? Do you show your true age without realizing? I like to think that I am trying to look as healthy and fit as possible and hopefully that will make me ‘look younger’ than my years. Personally, I believe the energy you ‘give off’ is a measure of how young you feel. You know what I mean….if you are feeling bright, alert, fit and healthy, then you are likely to give off the vibes that will make people believe you are looking younger than your actual years.

Therefore we can somewhat disguise the age we are and there are so many ways such as Botox for one, that can take away some lines and wrinkles. We can dress younger, our make up can disguise our age and a great hairstyle can do wonders for our looks.

However, with age, our skin thins and grows less elastic and this results in wrinkles and age spots. However we promote healthier skin by wearing sunscreen, using good skincare, eating nutritionally well, not smoking and even if we have done everything right, there are some body parts that just seem destined to betray our age, no matter what we do.

Here is a list of the four body parts that betray your age first and what you can do to keep yourself from looking too old, too fast!

1. Hands

Your hands are always exposed to the elements and probably give your age away more than any other body part. Sun damage is the biggest culprit in ageing hands. How many of us have seen hands with age spots all over them? Remember too, that the sun is damaging the collagen and elastin making the hands look thin and scrawny. And what about the damage that harsh alkaline soaps and hand wash gels are causing by drying the skin up, damaging the protective lipid barrier and in some cases, giving us eczema!

What can you do? Moisturise with a hand cream that is putting a protective layer over the skin – get to know JL Plump & Protect hand cream. Use a hand cream AM & PM and in between if your hands are in and out of water. Also when you are outdoors in the sun, apply SPF to the back of your hands. So all you runners and golfers, not forgetting the long distance lorry drivers who have their hands and arms on show for maybe most of the day …apply SPF 30 as part of your daily regimen.


2. Face

Your face is also exposed to environmental factors like the sun, wind and freezing temperatures every day – not to forget about the light rays that are emitting from our smart phones nowadays! So you may have dark spots that are really pigmentation and the answer to getting rid of these, is to use serums that are going to lighten and brighten your skin. Pop along to a reputable Beauty Salon for a facial and check out if they do chemical peels and red light therapy which are both excellent treatments for hyperpigmentation.

What if you have little broken capillaries over the face too? The outdoor types are especially prone to them… Well again, check out facial treatments like Intense Pulsed Light which can help coagulate these little broken veins.

When it comes to wrinkles, it can actually be bad to lose too much weight as this can age your skin. Have you heard of the glamorous French actress Catherine Deneuve who was known for saying ‘At a certain age, you have to choose between your face and your ass’. So we all have women friends over 40 who embark on a strict healthy eating plan in a bid to regain the slim, toned figure they had in their youth. Unfortunately as the pounds drop off, the years start to show up on their faces. Their cheeks which were once plumped up by fat now look hollow and lines and wrinkles appear out of nowhere. This condition is known as ‘diet face’. The answer to this is fillers of course and if this isn’t enough, plastic surgery is the only answer that’s left.


3. Eyelids

The skin around the eyes is so thin. It will stretch as we age and the muscles supporting the eyes will grow weaker. Combine this with the loss of collagen and lines and wrinkles will become set. Remember there is very little tissue below the eyes. Soft tissue, like fat or muscle and this increases the likelihood of the skin caving in. The issues of dark circles and puffiness can be a result of lack of sleep, poor diet and stress.We recommend Eyelift cream. 

So what are the answers to help us have sparkling eyes as we age?

  • Use eye-cream morning and night to reduce puffiness and increases the microcirculation
    Drink more water and consume less salt
    Do not rub your eyes as this habit will stretch the skin
    Ensure you take off eye make up with a proper make up remover

4. Neck

How many of us moaned about our necks and indeed have understood what is meant by ‘turkey neck?. Your neck simply ages before anything else because its skin is thinner than that on your face. This is the same problem as with the skin on your eyes. You do not have a lot of fat on your neck which actually helps to support the skin. You need to treat your neck and décolleté, with the same attention that you give to your face. Therefore moisturise morning and night and apply sunscreen on this area every day.

So do you show your true age?