the ritual of cleansing

The Ritual Of Cleansing

The Ritual Of Cleansing


Look, we all enjoy a shower or a bath …right? It makes your skin feel good and clean and definitely gives you a sense of wellbeing don’t you think? Well a great way to think of cleansing your face and neck should be ‘The Ritual of Cleansing Skin.’ It should be something you look forward to doing, not a chore, but a way of pampering yourself.   During my many skin consultations over the years I have found that many skin concerns that clients have are simply down to the following:


  1. Not cleansing enough
  2. Not using good cleansers
  3. Using Soap & water (arrghh!)
  4. Using harsh cleansers which make skin dry & sensitive


Please take my advice and read how to cleanse below….


Step One –

Start with JL Face & Eye Make-up Remover and use with damp cotton pads. Cleanse one eye with one pad thoroughly moving around the eye muscle gently and you can use the back of the pad and even split the pad in half. Use one pad per eye in order that you do not transfer any eye infections that may be lurking and one pad to take off lipstick then finally another pad to take rest of face make-up off. If you do this step thoroughly then you have taken off the top layer of make up, dirt and grime and now your face and neck are ready to use appropriate cleanser.


Step Two –

Apply JL Exfoliating Cleanser between palms and rub together to heat it up. This JL Cleanser if fab for lines, wrinkles and acne – as it contains 3 acids, Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic. This cleanser cleans out open and congested pores,  gets rid of excess dead skin cells and speeds up the skin renewal system. Apply in circular massage movements to face and neck missing out the eye area. Which has been cleansed properly prior in Step One.


Take time and enjoy massaging the cleanser gently over face and neck and pay attention to congested pores on your nose and chin. Now rinse a clean facecloth in lukewarm water and take off the cleanser gently. Do this once in the morning and twice in the evening. If you have oily or acne skin, then do it after exercising. Now pat skin skin dry. Your skin should feel clean, dry and soft as the facecloth acts like an exfoliator taking off excess dead skin cells. Do these two steps and see how smooth, younger and softer skin becomes in a few days!


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