The Skin Guru’s Skincare Routine

skin guru skincare routine

Inside: The Skin Guru reveals her Skincare Routine

You know, like all skincare aestheticians around the world, every client I see expects me to have picture-perfect skin and most of the time I do – but not without putting the work into my skincare routine. Some skincare aestheticians might be naturally blessed with fine pored, porcelain skin but countless others like me have struggled with acne and eczema, just like the rest of the population. I bet you’re wondering ‘well, can’t they just have one of their super duper facials to sort out their issues?’

The answer is yes, sometimes we do and especially when we have a special event to attend….just like me this week. I’m off to the Business Woman Scotland Awards tomorrow, so yesterday I had a facial – a glycolic acid peel. So it definitely helps to have access to treatments like lasers, peels and injectibles, but every skincare aesthetician will tell you that determining – and sticking to – a core skincare routine that is custom designed to your skin type is crucial to maintain optimal skin health. So if you are curious about how this Skin Guru cares for her skin – listen up! This is my tried and true skincare routine for autumn/winter time.


I like to cleanse my eyes with a calming cleanser to reduce any puffiness. Like most of us my eyes are a bit puffy when I wake up and being a contact lens wearer, looking after my eyes is ultra important especially as I need to be able to check out client’s skin when doing skin consultations. So I dampen cotton pads with cool water and then put the Face & Eye make up remover on them. Gently take them over each eye – using one pad per eye. Always use individual pads per eye in case you have any infection that you don’t want to spread.

I then wash my face with the gentle Revitalising Cleanser as I like to know I am using gentle, antioxidant rich cleansers at this time of year. Treat your skin as more sensitive – that will ensure you use light pressure when applying lotions and potions. My skin is patted dry but I like to leave it a little damp and then I apply Vitamin C serum which is going to stimulate my collagen and protect my skin from the effects of the Sun. Next comes Future Skin which is a light serum containing Growth Factors to keep my skin hydrated and younger looking. Now is the time of the year when I personally need – like most of us – more skin hydration. Eyelift Cream is then applied to the outer corners of my eyes right up to the lash line. I am absolutely strict about eye creams – these are formulated differently from other creams – in order to penetrate the delicate eye area easily and without irritation. I like eye creams that contain ingredients to depuff and also to stimulate the circulation in this area to prevent clogging, discolouration and bags lol!! Next up is the Super Moisturiser – a moisturiser should contain humectants that draw moisture from the air. Remember the air in our homes and workplaces are drier and lack humidity – so to prevent dehydration, choose moisturisers with Hyaluronic Acid in them. Finally, I always ensure my skin is protected from environmental factors such as the Sun, the extreme cold temperatures and air borne pollution. So this is when I use a tinted Spf 30 – my skin saviour.


My bedtime skin ritual is my favourite time and I really enjoy my skincare at this time of the day. I think of it as ‘Joanie’s Pampering Time!’ So I begin by dampening 6 cotton pads together and then apply Face & Eye Make Up Remover to them. One pad per eye taking time to be gentle, no rubbing, to ensure I get off all the eyeshadow and mascara. Lay the soaked pad gently on top of your eyelid and hold in place for around 30 seconds. This will help dislodge the make-up without the need to keep rubbing away. And this is a job in itself if you use a mascara like Benefit – great mascara – that doesn’t come off easily. Next up I massage Exfoliating Cleanser on to my face, neck and décolleté and take time to massage this in light circular movements paying attention to areas of concerns – for me this is around the mouth and lower face. I then rinse a soft fluffy facecloth in lukewarm water and take the cleanser off. I do this procedure twice and the Exfoliating Cleanser does the job of exfoliating my skin in a natural way. How does it do this? It contains glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid. All three help to dislodge the glue that holds the dead skin onto the outside layer of your face causing the dead skin cells to speed up shedding. Also the salicylic acid dissolves the oil in the pores, keeping them free of dead skin and sebum build up – thereby helping to prevent blackheads and blocked pores.

After this step I apply Eyelift Cream to the outside of my eyes and my secret go to for anti-ageing …… Smart Retinol .5%. The Smart Retinol is delivering vitamin A to the skin cells fighting the free radicals which come from the Sun and pollution. Also the vitamin A is speeding up cell renewal and thereby making skin fresher and younger looking. This is a terrific product for getting rid of lines and wrinkles; for keeping skin unblocked and normalising the oil product – so great for acne; for speeding up collagen production and if you have any pigmentation problems – this product is a must for you! One thing you should know about Retinol products is to build up their use. In other words start a Retinol twice a week for a couple of weeks. Then use it 3 times a week for a couple of weeks and so on until your skin can tolerate it every night.  Only use this product in the evening. And if you do use Retinol at night – you must wear a sunscreen during the daytime. These two products must be used as a partnership.


Once a week I like to apply a Rejuvenating mask and I like to layer my vit C serum, Miracle DNA – which is a treatment moisturiser/night cream and then Rejuvenating Mask on top. I recommend that you sleep with these products on and your skin will feel amazing. A good tip is when you have an important event is to do this layering of products for a week on the run up to event.

Twice a week

I incorporate Face & Body Refiner in the evenings after my cleanse. This will give me a gentle exfoliation and help my pores to look more refined. Everyone should exfoliate during the winter. Just make sure you pick a gentle one.