Skin mistakes

The Skin Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

The Skin Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making

Who did you learn your skincare routine from? Was it from your mum, your sister or your best friend? We all learn from those around us and try to treat our skin the best way we know how, but truthfully most of the skin problems I see are simply due to people doing the wrong thing. Some of the things I have been told you are using are actually the very opposite of what our skin needs. What is your biggest skin mistake?

I have seen the effects of people picking skin causing scarring , DIY disasters such as plucking too many eyebrow hairs, and numerous others. So I think it’s time to share some of them with you. Which one of these resonates with you?

Skin mistake 1. The lazy one (won’t take their make-up off before bedtime)

This is a mistake that I have seen many times and it really harms your skin no matter what age you are. All the chemicals and agents in the make-up that sit on the skin happily during the day, cause havoc when absorbed into the skin during the night. Remember nighttime is all about when your skin is set to regenerate, repair and nourish and this important job will not be done if you leave the ‘slap’ on. Instead, you will allow free radicals to run amok and your skin will be dehydrated, inflamed and you will encourage premature ageing.

Skin mistake 2. The exfoliation addict

Many of my clients (male and female) have been sold the electrical exfoliating devices by the eager salesperson. They were stopped in the Mall and asked to lend a hand, which was then cleansed and scrubbed clean with this aggressive mechanical brush. Now therein lies the issue; your skin on your face is not the same as your hand – so why would this sales technique work. Cause they will then show how clean your hand skin is and you will think WOW! Please know that over-exfoliating and aggressively cleansing the skin can lead to hyperpigmentation, over-sensitised, inflammation and will aggravate acne.

Why are we so conditioned to aggressively exfoliate our skin with chemicals and scrubs which can cause our skins to become red, irritated, sensitive and peel??

All this over-exfoliation is going to strip your skin of its natural oils and in some cases, this will cause your skin to push out more oil to compensate. The inflammation can increase acne, make rosacea worse and accelerate skin ageing. So, please, be gentle with you skin!

What happens if you scrub your eczema?

Do not confuse scaly patches of skin with eczema to hardened calloused skin. Exfoliating any skin where it is dry or flaky will only lead to further irritation with more dry and flaky skin! Never use scrubs or exfoliating products on eczema and use a gentle cleanser with a good moisturising cream to repair the skin.

Not ever exfoliating?

If you have normal to oily skin then you should exfoliate. We do need to exfoliate in order that we are getting rid of dead skin cells or sebum that are preventing our serums and moisturisers from absorbing thoroughly and therefore be more effective. You want your skin to look fresh and polished and choosing a gentle exfoliator is the key.

Have a look at formulations with Retinol or Vitamin A as this ingredient really helps with skin turnover, keeps skin cells healthy and stimulates collagen too!

Skin mistake 3. The Spot picker and blackhead squeezer

The damage to picking a spot is this – you can leave a scar! As soon as you pick any skin off your face (or body), if you go too deep into the top layer, you will cause damage to the collagen fibres and this will probably result in a scar.
The same scenario goes for excessive squeezing of blackheads. Focus on using cleansers or products with salicylic acid which is going to clean the pores out preventing spots and blackheads. Also, make an appointment with a qualified skin expert for a deep cleansing facial.

Skin mistake 4. The paranoid skincare addict

Are you making your skincare regime too complex? Are you applying too many products to sort out every little issue your skin has? You want to have great skin and you always have to try the latest skincare product that famous celebrity keeps mentioning on Instagram. I would like to say that it would be better to stick to a good routine, with good quality products and be consistent about it. It’s not good for your skin to chop and change and I know we all want immediate fixes for our skin issues. Think about keeping to a simple skincare routine and make sure you do it morning and night.

Skin mistake 5. Some like it hot!

If you have itchy, dry, eczema prone skin – please stop having those hot showers. Please believe me when I say it doesn’t calm your skin down. Hot water draws moisture away from the skin and although that hot shower might feel good at the time, it will aggravate your eczema. This is the reason why I keep mentioning when cleansing your skin – use a facecloth – only ever rinse it out in lukewarm water. Lukewarm showers are the way to go.

Skin mistake 6. I have to shout it out again… ‘put on your sunscreen’

Most people apply around a 1/4 of the amount of sunscreen they are supposed to use. If you are not applying enough, you are not fully protected from the sun! Simple as that. You need to apply a teaspoon to cover the face and a shot-glass full of sunscreen to the body. Please, remember this one!

Do you forget to put sunscreen on your neck?
You do!! I have seen so many clients with sun damage on their neck and décolletage. If you look at someone with redness, blotches and brown patches on the neck, then you are looking at someone who forgot to apply the sunscreen!

Too lazy to reapply?
Sunscreen should be worn everyday whether it is sunny or cloudy. You get UV rays off the sun and inside our offices and homes there are rays of all kinds affecting your skin and causing damage. Many people don’t know how often to reapply and if you are outside for a day doing sports or at the beach or even in the garden, apply every two hours.

Skin mistake 7. Spraying perfume onto your neck

If you want to have a red, mottled neck with pigmentation then keep spraying the perfume onto the skin. This habit of spraying perfume direct onto the skin is so aggravating as I have seen so many clients with a damaged neck and décolleté that is highly pigmented, damaged and lined and wrinkled – all from spraying perfume onto their skin! This right way is to spray into the air in front of you and walk through the mist!

Do you make any of these skin mistakes?