Use JL Essential Moisture

JL Essential Moisture

Why use JL Essential Moisture


A favourite JL product of mine and one I use on my skin frequently at this time of year when there is a cold wind blowing outside is JL Essential Moisture. I love to start each day with a walk early morning and after dinner in the evening just when the sun is about to go down. When you are outside walking, jogging, golfing, your skin is facing environmental concerns such as the wind, rain and the sun. If you are unlucky enough to have dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin then being outside can affect these skin issues more. Then you are a definite candidate for my JL Essential Moisture.

Skin loses its natural lipid or oil count as ageing occurs and environmental exposure…think of the ‘ruddy faced outdoors workers like farmers or gardeners. All that is happening is their outer layer of skin is losing its natural moisturisers causing the skin to become severely dehydrated, irritated, cracked outside layers and red.


A few questions for you….. Does your skin feel tight after cleansing?

                                           Have you got that weathered look to your face?

                                           Are you allergic to a lot of skincare products?

                                           Does your skin feel dry most of the time?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions….then JL Essential Moisture is for you!

This gorgeous serum contains lipids that absorb into the top layer of the skin to mimic your skin’s own natural moisturiser – sebum. The first feeling is of a soothing, silky serum which is going to hydrate, soothe dry, weathered or irritated skin. Only a few drops of this lovely serum is needed to restore critical moisture balance to your skin. Its going to restructure the epidermis and retain moisture more efficiently.

Finally, it plumps up the skin cells thereby making you look younger, smoother and healthier.


JL Essential Moisture available here 

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