Why JL Formulations!

Why you should use JL Formulations!

My intention has and will always be, to educate the world to have the best, healthiest, skin ever.   However, to enable everyone to have their optimum skin health – I have created a brand which is Clinical, Cosmeceutical and has Integrity.

I am a vegetarian and firstly it is extremely important for my products to be cruelty free – this was number one on my list!   Next I needed to ensure the range was Clinical and Cosmeceutical and this difference is this:

Cosmetic brands affect the outer layer of skin only and do not have a high percentage of active ingredients.   They may contain actives like Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid and Retinol however the percentage is so low that they are not effective in delivering fast results.

Cosmeceutical ranges like JL, have active ingredients in a much higher quantity in order to deliver definite skin changes and fast!

JL contains fantastic ingredients such as Vitamin C and indeed JL Perfect Skin Serum contains 20% Vitamin C to encourage collagen, skin renewal and pigmentation repair.   Ingredients are combined in a formulation to work synergistic-ally together to create the best future skin possible.   Therefore you have to use the products together e.g. cleanser, corrector, moisturiser and protector to have the best and quickest route to healthy skin.

Finally, my range is Paraben Free and this was my number two wish on my list. I knew I wanted to have a range free of bad chemicals.   Parabens are used in many, too many, products to enhance shelf life and JL uses only safe ingredients to do this job.

I hope I have given you several reasons to consider. JL as your skincare range and please email me if you are in need of a skin consultation.





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